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See 1000 Live Batting Practice Pitches In Just 5 Minutes Per Day Without Leaving Your Couch

New Tech Pioneered By Silicon Valley Experts and University Professors Used By Major League Teams and Division 1 Programs Taps Into Big Data To Shortcut Years Of Hitting Experience In Just Minutes Per Day…

Don’t blink.

You just blinked.

Guess what?

That’s how much time you have to read pitch speed, spin, movement, location and decide if you’re going to swing or not.

Hang on, I’m gonna come back to that…

FACT: The next generation baseball superstars will build their careers on the back of technology.

You don’t want to be on the wrong side of baseball history.


You don’t want to be late to the future and get left behind.

When the hitter swings, his swing is a response to the pitch being thrown.

So, if the swing is the “answer,” pitchers are trying to have hitters guess the “question.”

Hitting is super hard. Not only do you have a blink of an eye to decide to swing or not, the deck is stacked against you.

Let’s break down what you’re up against as a hitter:

There are 4 ways a pitcher tries to get us out:

1) Velocity - They throw harder than we can react.

2) Different Pitches - They throw curveballs, sliders, cutters, change-ups and sinkers.

3) Location - A pitcher who can hit spots commands the zone and makes it impossible for hitters to protect the plate.

4) Strategy - How well pitchers put together 1-3 can wreak havoc on a hitter. 

It gets worse…

In addition to all that, there are 4 varieties a hitter will face:

1) Right handed pitchers and left handed pitchers...

2) The dizzying array of release points pitchers can have...

3) Tall pitchers. Short pitchers. Everything in-between. This affects the height of release point.

4) Tempo - How fast or slow the pitcher delivers the ball.

When you combine all these variables and the “blink of an eye” you have to figure it all out, it adds up to a brain melting combination of factors for a hitter to contend with each time he steps up to the plate.

When you put it on paper, it sounds down right impossible, doesn’t it?

How could a hitter possibly train to respond to all of these variables through traditional hitting methods?

Can you train for these variables off a tee? No.

Can you train for this from soft toss? No.

Can you train for this off a pitching machine? No.

Traditional hitting training only works on the part of hitting that happens after the decision to swing has been made, but the swing is a response so…


Up until now, there’s only been one way to train for the “question” and that was to take as much live BP as you can take.

But, there’s limits to that, right?

How many swings can you take before your body fatigues? Not that many, and as you fatigue your swing will alter and you’ll be practicing bad swing mechanics.

How many pitchers can you get to throw live BP to you? Not many. Not to mention that most BP pitchers are not throwing with game intensity or with the all of the variables we mentioned above. 

Don’t worry.


The technology is here right now to give your hitting an unfair advantage.

2020 is the year to put technology to work for you and the cool part is that it cannot be easier to get started.

Let me introduce you to Pitch-IQ™.


Short of finding a live pitcher in game mode to throw you a 1000 pitches a day, there is literally no possible human way for you to get this kind of training.

It’s also physically impossible to take that many swings. 


If you can play a video game or stare at an iPad you have all the skills you need to put this game changing technology to work for you right now.

WARNING: It’s super addictive. The only side-effect is you becoming a hitter that hits with power and authority all year long. 🙂

I logged in to try my first session and I looked up and 45 minutes flew by.

Plus, you have the added power of gamification!

It’s proven! Humans like games. When something turns into a game, we are more focused, try harder and strive to win. In fact, scientists have found that when people play games, their sense of time disappears and they can reach super high levels of focus.

If you’re competitive (which I know you are) then you’re really going to love this because you can actually compete against hitters from all over the country.


Because of the ease of use and the gamification effect, your training time disappears.

You’ll notice a dramatic difference in just a few sessions. Most hitters report a feeling of calm relaxation and an easy focus when they're at the plate. That usually only comes with the experience of a seasoned veteran hitter.

Here’s why it also works fast:

You’re becoming a better hitter without putting your body through hours and hours of fatiguing training. Your mind develops faster than your muscles. You can continue to train your mind for hours. How many hours do you play games on your iPhone or Xbox?

Hit Like You’ve Faced That Pitcher 100 Times Before

You’ll step into the box on opening day a new hitter. It will be like you’ve faced the pitcher on the mound 100x before. How well do you think you’d hit against a pitcher you’ve seen 100x? You’ll be calm, focused and ready to react to “answer” any “question” a pitcher throws your way.

I’d love to see the look on your coaches and teammates faces when they see the hitter that Pitch-IQ™ has transformed you into. 

Developed By Top University Doctor

The brains behind Pitch-IQ™ is Dr. Peter Fadde. Dr. Fadde is a professor and Director of Learning Systems and Technology at Southern Illinois University. He’s worked with Major League teams, D1 programs and even spoke at the world famous TED Conference.

How It All Works!

It cannot be easier. You simply log into your Pitch-IQ™ account. Click the TRAIN button and play... Watch this demo video below to see for yourself:

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

“Last night, guy threw him a change up, I saw him hold up and stay back, then drilled a line drive.

The pitcher said that was his best change up, but my son said he saw how he was holding it when he came through and knew it was a change.

This stuff works!!!”

— Travel Ball Parent

“At first, I didn’t see a change, then after about two weeks they were laying off pitches they used to chase.”

— DI Pitching Coach

"Right off the bat I was thinking, ‘Man, I wish this was something that I had when I was playing!”

— MLB Hitting Coach

“I think (gS Pitch Recognition) is outstanding and something that is neglected by almost all hitters and coaches....”

— HS Head Coach

“The videos work incredibly! I have noticed that rather than picking the ball up when the pitch is out of the pitchers hand and already coming towards me, I am seeing the ball even before the pitcher releases it.”

— DI Player


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This membership offer is not available anywhere on the internet and quite possibly will never be offered again at this price.

There’s no value you can put on this speed of development, the hitter you’ll be transformed into and the results that Pitch-IQ™ gives you.

How much would getting to the next level mean to your career?

How about a 100 point bump in batting average?

How about more Home Runs?

How about being admired, respected and noticed for your new found focus at the plate?

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Not many baseball people know about this technology, but it won’t be long before they do.

I have to be honest if you don’t grab this right now, you will be behind practically every hitter on the planet who will be using this information by the 2021 season.

Would you rather be a year behind every hitter or a year ahead?

Retail $120

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These guys at Pitch-IQ™ are good guys and they're in the giving spirt, but they do have a business to run. We were able to secure just 99 discounted Pitch-IQ™ Memberships for our members.

You can always get access. You’ll just have to pay more than double if you don’t act now.

Paul Reddick

P.S. Next Year!

Think of last year's stats... As your mind reviews these stats I want you to focus on one stat that you wished was higher. Was it HRs? Batting Average? Doubles? Whatever is was I’d like you to now think of next year's stats and feeling the pride of getting that number you want because you put Pitch-IQ™ technology to work for you today. 


It’s humanly impossible to get this kind of training without Pitch-IQ™.

The next generation of baseball superstars will owe their success to technology.

Don’t be on the wrong side of history.


Don’t be late to the future.

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