A few years back, we flew in Coach Ron Wolforth (and a few other big name coaches) to deliver a private closed door seminar in the upper attic of the Yogi Berra Museum. There were only 17 lucky coaches invited to attend this event.

Luckily, we had one of our students there to film the event. We had a bunch of DVD’s made and honestly, I forgot all about them until last month. We were cleaning out a few areas of the office and came across a box with “Baseball Mastermind” written on the side. “What the heck could that be?” I cracked open the box and low and behold it was loaded with DVD’s from the event that had been sitting there un-touched for years. I forgot all about them.


Here is what's on the DVD you’re getting 100% FREE:

Coach Wolforth shares with this private group and epiphany that changed the way he teaches pitching at the World Famous Texas Baseball Ranch. So, out with old you and in with the new pitcher you know you can become. Let’s transform your pitching career too!

Coach Wolforth’s new discovery to blend pitching training and pitching drills was a massive shift in the development of high velocity throwers.

This shift resulted in the largest number
of pitchers breaking the 90mph barrier
in history of baseball instruction!

There is not a single coach that has created more high velocity throwers than Coach Ron Wolforth. Ever. Period. End of discussion.

262 pitchers (to be exact) have broken the 90mph barrier under Coach Wolforth's guidance. That is nuts!

We flew Coach Wolforth in to teach a select group of my coaching buddies his new method. Up until now, and because they were buried in our closet, this presentation was reserved for those who were lucky enough to be in attendance or those who fly down to train with Coach Wolforth in person.

(FYI: Coach Wolforth camps start at $1899 per 3 day camp ...and worth every penny.)

If that’s not in the budget, right now you can grab a front row seat and secure one of the limited number of DVD’s we unearthed from the hidden depths of our storage room.

We have never sold this program and have no plans of ever selling it.

We have exactly 441 DVD’s in our storage!

This is NO short off the shelf presentation either. This is a complete, no-holds barred, uncensored and un-edited DVD that’s a whopping

Holy Smokes!

Coach Wolforth held nothing back either. The second part of the DVD, Coach Wolforth starts breaking down high velocity mechanics with everyday pitchers and Big League Superstars!
Honestly, we could probably charge a minimum of $299 for this presentation and you would be getting an absolute steal, but because we have these DVD’s and we need the storage room, we’re giving you the deal and the chance of a lifetime. 

We’ll pack up one of these jammed packed DVD’s, slap your address on the envelope and ship one directly to your doorstep absolutely FREE! 

We only ask two things: 
  1. You pitch in a couple bucks to cover our costs to pack it, label it and ship it. 
  2. You email us after watching the presentation and let us know how much it helped you. We’ll forward every email we get directly to Coach Wolforth.
If we ever did sell it, it would go for at least $299.

Even if we sold it at a discount, it would cost you at least $147.

Because we need to clear these out and we love you guys 🙂

We’re sending you one of the 441 copies absolutely FREE

What’s The Catch? 

No catch. No strings attached. No additional payments. No memberships. No funny business. The other guys do that. 🙂  

This is yours to keep forever and you never owe us anything. 

Our 12 Month Money Back Guarantee

Before you go ahead and hit the “Add To Cart” button below, I need to know that you're now totally comfortable and feeling secure. That’s why we’re putting 100% of the risk squarely on our shoulders.

You can relax knowing that you're completely protected by our One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We’re not jerks. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right. If our product doesn’t deliver as promised, let us know. You’ll get your money back on the spot and you can keep the program.

There’s no risk. It’s all on us. You can feel secure hitting the Add to Cart button knowing you’re fully protected and we’re going to take good care of you.


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Only 441 DVD’s Available

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