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3 Velocity Drills

You don’t need a coach for these drills!
(You can do 2 of these in your living room…)

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No Strings Attached!

All the details to get your FREE DVD are below, but first I must admit…

It’s NOT fair. It burns me up that velocity is the name of the game in the baseball world today. It’s not fair to pitchers who can get hitters out, locate pitches and roll ground balls that travel coaches, scouts and recruiters just have their heads buried in the velocity readings and they don’t give a player a second glance unless he lights up the radar gun.


We can stomp our feet and complain about it or we can turn the tables and stick it to them by adding the velocity you need and tipping the scales in our favor! I don’t want you to miss your chance to play at the next level because you didn’t add the velocity you need. Especially when it’s so simple to add.

You agree that adding 5mph would be career changing velocity, right?

  • If a pitcher is throwing 71mph and can bump to 76mph, that’s the difference between making the team or getting cut.
  • If a pitcher went from 76mph to 81mph, that's the difference between being stuck in the pen or being in the starting rotation.
  • If a pitcher goes from 81mph to 86mph.. or 86mph to 91mph, that is the difference between being a really good player and becoming a college or professional prospect.
Adding 5MPH Changes Your Career!

The Velocity Robbing DEATH MOVE That Almost All Pitching Coaches Teach

What I’m about to say doesn’t make your coach a bad guy, but most coaches have no idea how to help you add this kind of velocity. In fact, a lot of what they teach you prevents you from throwing harder.


It takes a serious coach to help a unique pitcher reach his potential. Most coaches are just not equipped to teach certain pitchers how to add velocity. they apply cookie cutter methods and cross their fingers. Your coach may be a great guy, but just doesn’t have the skills to bring out the best in you.

Has your coach told you to:

Stop at the top of your lift?

Get to the balance point?

Show the number to the hitter?

Get collected over the rubber?

Stay back over the rubber?

If you’ve been taught any of these, I have some bad news for you. Your coach is teaching you things that are preventing you from throwing harder.

Doesn’t make them bad people. The average coach works a full time job, has a family and doesn't have the time to dig into this stuff to get you the results you need.

While I get that, at the same time it is risky to leave your career in the hands of someone who just does not have the time to learn the best ways to help you improve, right?


Where’s their first move?

At the top of their leg lift, every one of them is aggressively moving forward towards home plate.

That’s what we call the POWER ANGLE!

These pitchers dominated baseball for 20 years with virtually no injuries using the power angle.

The POWER ANGLE is something most pitchers today don’t understand.

Well, the good ones certainly understand it. Check out DeGrom and Syndergaard. No wonder these guys are dominating baseball.

Hold up… also check out the 12 year old pitcher and the 8 year old pitcher right next to these superstars using the Power Angle!

The Power Angle Is Only Mastered Using The 3 Velocity Drills.

I get calls every day from Dads who want me to teach their son the Power Angle. Some have even offered to fly in and spend a few days with me to have their son learn the power angle. I don’t take clients anymore, but when I did it was a pretty hefty price tag of $3000 per session.

I would flat out tell those Dads I cannot and will not take your money because I would be out integrity if I did because the Power Angle is best learned without a coach, without fancy equipment, and without blowing a lot of your hard earned to have some pitching coach stand next to him.

The Power Angle is learned through 'Coach-less Training'.

In fact, a coach could only get in the way. Once a pitcher understands the 3 Velocity Drills, there’s no more coaching needed. All a pitcher needs to do is take a few minutes.. The drills will do the rest.

You can save the money wasted on lessons, camps, and clinics.

You can save all the time of driving back and forth to lessons.

You can remove all the worry about adding velocity.

You can feel great knowing that you’re adding more velocity every time you do it.

You Could Always Choose The Hard Way

You can fork over a ton of money for a pitching coach to stand next to your son for not much less than what a lawyer charges to say:

“Not bad..”

“Pretty good.”

“Try this...”

“Try that.”

“Not quite.”


…or you can always risk it with one of those risky and dangerous “high velocity” programs peddled on social media.

Think for a second about what you’d be risking and ask yourself if you’re willing to put your career in the hands of people who are so reckless with the training of young players.

Sure you’ll throw harder, but it’s the equivalent of guzzling down 2 Red Bulls and 6 Advils before you pitch. Sure, you’ll pitch better and your arm won’t hurt, but the long term risk just isn’t worth it.

Do you want to risk getting to the end of a lesson package and being right back where you started from?

Do you want to put your son on a dangerous program only for him to end up with an arm injury?

Do you want to wing it and hope that he’s doing everything right?


Do you want a rock-solid, proven, safe program that’s been put to the test by over 50,000 pitchers that you need next to no equipment to do, you can do in your home and back yard and only takes a minute a day?

Before starting any velocity program, run it through this checklist and if it doesn’t measure up, run like the dickens.


  1. It must be easy to understand. If you don’t get it in a few minutes, then the coach is not doing a good job of explaining it.
  2. Easy to do - You should be able to start immediately.
  3. Quick and to the point - There should be no fluff or wasted time.
  4. Equipment - No equipment should be needed.  You don’t go to the mound with a bunch of gadgets.
  5. The gift should not need the giver. If the program is dependent of the coach guiding you through it every step, then the giver has his ego (and pocket book) wrapped up in the gift.
  6. Be able to do it anywhere. Can you only perform this program in a certain location with special equipment coaching and supervision?
  7. Fun - It should be fun to do the drills. If they're not fun, you won’t stick to them.
  8. Easy to commit to - I could spend a week writing you an exact step by step “Rolls Royce” version of a pitching workout, but will you stick with it? The best program is one that you can commit to.


Let’s imagine that we are talking exactly one year from today’s date. You are looking back over the last year and as you scan past through the previous 12 months, you look back and think about how far your pitching has come. The respect you have from your teammates, coaches and even your competitors.

What it would be like to see your name on a list of results like you just read. What would it feel like to be catapulted to another level of baseball?

Maybe that means just making the team?

Maybe it’s becoming a go-to pitcher?

Maybe it’s getting recruited…or even drafted!!!

Here’s what you’re getting:

Velocity Drill #1

The Wall Drill

The wall drill is the central drill in the 3 Velocity Drills. If you could only do one drill for the rest of your career, this would be the one I’d choose for you to do. All you need is a wall or a fence and you can train for velocity.

Practice Time: 4 minutes

The Wall Drill Demo

Paul gets on the field and breaks down the wall drill with one of his students, so you see with your own eyes how easy it is to master and implement this game-changing drill.

Velocity Drill #2

The Yankee Stadium Drill

This drill trains your body to move aggressively for greater velocity. You don’t need to be a Yankee fan for this drill to help you throw gas 🙂 No equipment needed. You can do it anywhere and you’ll instant feel the results.

Practice Time: 4 min

Velocity Drill #3

The Net Drill

The Nets drill is the crucial 3rd Part that puts all the pieces together for you. This is where you’ll take your new found velocity and start to command it in the strike zone. All you need is a net, fence or wall to throw in to.

Practice Time: 10 minutes, 3 times per week.

The Net Drill On Field Demo

You’ll see how easy and effective the Nets drill is with this step by step on field demo.



You may or may not have noticed in the success stories above that several pitchers credited the Super 7 Exercises in addition to the Velocity Drills as the secret behind thriller success.

The Super 7 is a daily leg training for pitchers that will build explosive and durable lower half strength in just 7 minutes per day.

The Super 7 is designed so that you can use it as an off-season building program and adapt it for an in-season warm up and maintain program.

I want to give you the Super 7 program absolutely FREE when you grab your set of the 3 Velocity Drills today!

I’ll let the results of the Secret Sauce speak for themselves…


Hello Paul,

Great news to share. Phil was offered and accepted a roster spot with a D3 school. Needless to say, he’s thrilled and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Not only did I want to share this with you, I wanted to THANK YOU for your guidance and ALL of the great stuff on your Elite web site. The keys to Phil’s improvement have been the velocity drills, the Super 7 workouts.

He concluded this fall campaign with his best performance ever. In a nutshell – 28IN, 3-0, 1 save, 2 CGs and a 0.75 era.

Thanks, again.

From 88mph to 97mph?

I wanted to thank you for everything in your program. I can genuinely say that I would not be in the position I am now if it were not for you and your program. I went from sitting 88-90 in high school to now throwing 92-97. This year I started out as a closer so it was not necessary for me to sustain my velocity and then I was thrown into a starting role. I was unable to hold my velocity for more than an inning or two. Once I started your super 7 legs program that changed from one or two innings to a guaranteed 6-7 innings. Directly from your videos and workouts I saw improvements in velocity, stamina, movement, and quality of breaking balls. Again thank you, I hope everyone that comes across your site is smart enough to make the commitment and change their life by making the purchase. Take care coach!

- Tyler Mills


My 10 year old son (just turned 10 in July), Aaron Nixon, increased his velocity from 57 mph to 61 mph within 3 weeks of using your program. The first week of August his team played at the 9U USSSA Elite 32 World Series in Orlando Florida. Aaron’s team is from Texas and he came into the quarter-final game against Team Miami (the #1 ranked 9U team in the Nation) in the 5th inning with no outs, his team leading by 1 run, with runners on second and third. Aaron struck out the first two batters he faced and got the third batter to pop up to the 1st baseman. In the 6th inning, he struck out the first three batters he faced and his team won the game. Aaron and I are convinced that your super 7 workouts pushed him over the top.

- Beau Nixon



Thank you so much for all of the great information. I'm the JV coach at a Catholic school in Jackson, Michigan and with the help of your program we finished 27-2. The two “lessons” as I like to call them were both by 1 run.

I put the whole team on Super 7’s and these kept us strong all season long. I few stats from the season. As a team we hit .483 and averaged 10.5 runs a game. On the mound we had a team ERA of 2.02 and only gave up on average 1.9 runs per game. Don’t get me wrong I have some very talented kids but the information you provided me helped keep them mentally focused on the process of playing and it’s obvious that the results took care of themselves. Thanks again!

Russell Gaston


There’s absolutely no way you can hire me as your pitching coach. Even if I was taking clients now, my lesson fee is pretty hefty. It would set you back $3000 plus the time and investment to travel to New Jersey.

Even if you were standing in front of me with a check in hand, I would not and could not accept your money. I’d be robbing you.

I could not sleep at night if I took that kind of hard earned to teach something that I know with all my heart that you can learn from viewing a few video training sessions.

We’ve made it so ridiculously simple, that I would feel bad if you even wanted to treat me for lunch to learn the 3 Velocity Drills and the Super 7.

Up until now, you had to purchase the entire 90mph Club CORE system to gain access to the 3 Velocity Drills and The Super 7. That system has a retail value of $300. Sure, we put it on sale from time to time, but it normally retails for 300 smackers.

I can’t even ask you to go all in on the 90mph Club CORE right now, when I know that the only 3 drills you need to get started today are the 3 Velocity Drills. The rest of the course will be there when you’re ready.

Your FREE Velocity Drills DVD!

Because I want you to have access to the training you need, I pulled the 3 Velocity Drill training sessions and the FREE Super 7 Bonus out of the 90mph Club and I put them in a tight, but ultra complete DVD that I want to send you today "on the house".

Honestly, we could charge $69 for this and feel like we gave you a steal.

Even $49 would be a super duper awesome bargain and a complete no-brainer decision for you to jump on right now.

Then, I said...

“Oh, What the heck, there’s so much
confusion out there, let me
give this to you FREE!

So, here's the deal. Just pitch in a few bucks to cover the cost of making the DVD, packing it, labeling it and shipping it to your doorstep and that’s it.


The 3 Velocity Drills DVD is 100% yours to keep forever and you never owe us another cent.

However, there is one thing we can’t do. We can’t keep this open forever. It just would not be fair to those who have already paid full price for the exact same course.

We’re going to let the next 10 pitchers who order in the next 10 minutes grab one of the FREE Velocity Drills DVD!

Delay and miss out. Act fast. Get yours before it’s too late and 10 other pitchers have snatched the FREE DVD that has your name on it.


Every pitcher you’ve heard from read the exact letter you are reading right now. The difference is they took action. I don’t want you to look back in a year and wish you had started on the 3 Velocity Drills today and then have to play catch up.

Especially since you can grab the 3 Velocity Drills and the Super 7 bonus 100% FREE!


P.S. Remember, these are 3 Velocity Drills that you can start using today..No special equipment needed. You'll get more than going to a dozen lessons inside The 3 Velocity Drills program. These have worked for other pitchers just like you. Now is the time. Grab your FREE DVD while there's still time!

Why Should I Listen To This Guy?

By now, you’re convinced the 3 Velocity Drills are the only drills you’ll ever need to access the hidden velocity waiting inside of you right now. You know that 2 of the drills can be done everyday in your living room. You also now understand that it takes a certain type of coach to get the most out of a pitcher like you.

At this point, I think my credentials are meaningless, you have the proof already. I’ll give you the highlights of my coaching career in a sec...

Before that, I’ll let my students tell you why you should really listen to what I’m teaching you about the 3 Velocity Drills:



We did the program a couple months ago, (he has been doing the Wall drill, Yankee stadium drill and the Secret Sauce drill almost daily–my son has moved to doing the Secret Sauce workouts in the pool). We are in our 13 yr. old state tourney, Isaac started on the mound game #1. He faced 12 batters and had no hits. Threw four innings, gave up 2 runs (1 earned), faced 15 batters, K’d 6, 1BB, 40 strikes, 21 balls. And was still ready to pitch more. After the game meal, parents of the team kept asking what Isaac had been eating. They said he was a monster out there. (Isaac and I smiled and thought, “Secret Sauce”.)

The drills we are doing have changed him from arm hurting after 2 innings to wanting to pitch 5. What we learned from you is priceless.

I would tell any skeptic, “See what it can do you.”

Additionally, the coach-less (coach-free) set up is great for my son."



"Hey Paul,
I want to offer you my thanks! I coach a 12U travel team in Seattle, WA, and my son is one of the pitchers on that team. I immediately began instituting for the team. The guys didn’t like it at first, but slowly they began to feel it — and buy in!

The pitching mechanics were different. I didn’t want to rework everyone’s motion at the end of the season, so I used my son as a guinea pig! I watched the session several times through, and got my 12-year-old son to sit down to go over the pitching mechanics and velocity secrets. Then we watched some baseball on TV. You see, he had patterned his windup after Felix Hernandez, and had the numbers/pockets philosophy reinforced at a camp. I’m just a Dad and a coach, so my opinion wasn’t quite as important! After taking a week or so to process what he watched from and combine it with what he saw big league pitchers doing, it clicked. He immediately wanted to watch again. He started doing wall drills in the living room and we went the next day to our teams field.

Well, I tell you this because we just got back from Cooperstown, NY and Cooperstown Dreams Park. What an amazing experience. What’s better is that after only a few weeks, my son, who had just turned 13 when we left, (and is only 5’0′ and maybe 90 lbs soaking wet), pitched the game of his life. He’s enjoyed success thus far, mostly because he can locate. He’s never been able to throw as hard as some of the bigger guys. A few weeks of working your system changed that!

I don’t have a speed for you, but his fastball had life I’d never seen from him pitching before. Several guys on the team were saying things like “where did that come from?” and “where has that fastball been all season?” It was like a dream. Now that I’ve seen the results in him, I’m also going to institute the system with my team.

Thank you for reading all this. I’m sure you hear from high school and college players/coaches about your system, but I thought (hoped) you’d appreciate hearing about the success of a player finishing up his 12u year!"



Thank you for your passion for the game and kids who play it. My son and I have used many of your products to enhance his skills.. I has a little skeptical of your take on balance point mechanics. We changed his private lesson coach and he is now getting instruction on how to shorten his tempo and get to more of a power angle.

I’m a believer now. He tops out at 92 but is consistently 89-90 this winter and his breaking balls are 79-80 with later break.

Earlier this month he signed to play in college."

– Jeff



Tried the approach to move forward on wind up as opposed to standing straight up and my 9 yr. old fanned 7 in 3 innings. He also turns his right foot at that 30 degree angle when in the stretch and boom…7 K’s in 3 innings, one earned run. His velocity was definitely up as well. No radar guns at the park but it was his best performance in a tourney this year."



If you still need to feel secure in my credentials, here are some of the highlights my mom brags about:

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