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The 2020 Season Will Never Be The Same, But…
How Your Son Will Dominate When The Games Re-Start!

FREE Report and FREE Game Plan Keeps
Your Son Sharp And Game-Ready During The Shut Down!

We can’t play the game we want to play.

But, there is a game we CAN play… and MUST win.

We’ve got you covered during the shut down.

We created a FREE report that walks you through everything your son needs to stay sharp during the shutdown AND a game-ified system that will help him practice, train and prepare, so that when the season starts he’s game-ready and will dominate.

The players who fail to stay sharp and game-ready will have their 2020 season robbed from them.

We’ve mapped out a daily paint by numbers program for your son to follow.

Your son can start this today. For the committed player, there’s not a second to wait.

When the 2020 season is all said and done, it’s going to be the players that did the work during the shutdown that end up on top. Period.


We’re sending you the Baseball Shutdown Report absolutely FREE. In this FREE report, we break down exactly what your son must focus on during the shutdown to keep skills sharp, maintain strength and stay mentally tough.


As a FREE Bonus, we’ve developed a Game-ified system called “9 Innings To Win.” This will be your son's daily “game” to win. Each day, your son will focus on 9 specific activities to make sure that your son stays game-ready. Just like a real game, you’ll tally up his score for the day (individual games) and his score for the week (win-loss record).

We’ll include a breakdown of the system and send you a scoresheet for your son to use and follow along with everyday.


Normally, we’d charge at least $29 for something like this, but because of the situation we find ourselves in this season we’re giving this all to you absolutely FREE.

Just cover the cost to print and ship and it’s all yours.

No strings attached. Our gift to you. On the house.


You’re getting:

1. The Baseball Shutdown Report

2. The 9 Innings To Win Scoring Card

3. Free Access to the 9 Innings To Win Masterclass

All yours, for your son, 100% FREE!

Bad News!

There is only one catch.

Our shipping department is a little understaffed at the moment. So, we have to limit this to only 1000 FREE sets of reports and worksheets to send out. So, don’t delay grab one now.

YES! Please send me the free report and 9 Innings to Win Scorecard now...

P.S. YOUR SON'S 2020 SEASON WILL BE DEFINED by what does or does not do during this shut down. Will you help him siege this opportunity or not?

P.P.S. There will be no on-ramp when the games re-start. You’re going to need to be game-ready or you’ll be left behind. 2020 will belong to those who are ready to go for the first pitch.

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