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In The .400 Hitter Workshop, we knock out the confusion and frustration caused by Swing Based training and give you the understanding that will shift the foundation of your hitting and the tools and drills needed to transform you into the hitter you know you can be. 

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In 5-10 minutes a day, this system can all but transform throwing arms into “bulletproof”, max velo weapons... even if you're struggling with arm strength now!

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The Perfect Arm Sleeve is a way for pitchers to throw harder, become more durable, and eliminate the risk of injury without long training programs, risky weighted balls and dangerous velocity courses...

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🤝 Hire Paul As Your Son's Baseball Mentor

Does your son have a baseball mentor?

If not, watch the video. If your son is serious about becoming the best he can be (on and off field) and is ready for a breakthrough season, then I want to work with him.

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Used by 70,000+ Pitchers of All Ages... More than Any Other Pitching Program in History! Endorsed by Major Leaguers and Hall of Famers!

If your son is a pitcher, The 90MPH Club is a must have in your library of baseball resources.

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As you know, Coach Mike Ryan is the best kept secret in hitting. The 100MPH Hitter's Club is an unbelievable opportunity for you to get access to him (not available anywhere else).

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