The First 2 Questions a D1 Pitching Coach Asks

How would you like to eavesdrop on
a private conversation with a D1 pitching
coach and listen to him talk about
what he looks for when recruiting a pitcher
and what he expects a pitcher to do when he pitches for their program?

Well, perk up those ears…

We had the incredible opportunity
to host a private webinar with
(then Vanderbilt Pitching coach)
Milwaukee Brewers Pitching Coach
Derek Johnson called Pitching Foundations.

The first slide Derek presented
talked about the first two questions he
asked a pitcher when they came into Vanderbilt.

Here they are: 

#1. How healthy is your arm?
#2. Do you need time off?


It seems like the only question
young pitchers are asked
by their coaches is:

“Can you pitch?”

The stakes a pretty high at the level that
Vanderbilt plays and the first two questions
their coach asked was about health and rest.

It is a must that you check out this full presentation.
The first slide in the first minute of the presentation
is jammed packed with golden nuggets.

Here’s the link to get a big league discount on DJ’s Pitching Foundations:


How much have you plunked down on
gloves, bats, cleats, etc….? Heck, I know
Dads who spent more on their kids camo
compression sleeves than on insider info that
can help them succeed at the next level.