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Filthy Pitches Workshop

with Paul Reddick

🗓 Wednesday, July 14, 2021
⌚ 6:00PM CST

Here’s what you’re learning...

📓 How to throw every pitch in the book, this way, your son has the versatility to throw any pitch, at any time, to any hitter. This versatility gives your son confidence to go out and pitch his best every time he takes the mound.

🏃 If you hear this, RUN! “Show me how you're gripping it.” - NEVER listen to a coach who teaches grips. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about and has no understanding of what makes the ball move.

😂 WORKS BETTER THAN STICKY STUFF! The pitch grip trick that instantly makes every pitcher feel like they have a strong, solid grip on the ball. They’ll feel like Thor holding his hammer!

UGH! 🙄 NO CIRCLE CHANGE UPS! - The circle change is not a pitch, it’s a teach. The inventor of the pitch wanted pitchers to turn their palm out to change speeds and create arm side ball movement, so he had them make an “O” with their index finger and instructed them to “Throw the “O.” Now kids are taught to move the thumb up to make an “O.”

While we’re on change up’s… NEVER listen to a coach telling you to...

“Pull the shade as you throw it.”
“Pushing back in your palm.”
“Drag your foot.”
”Slow your body down.”

⌛️ The days of the power arm are numbered. Master the off-speed pitch that high-velocity throwers are now turning to in droves.

🤫 The filthy breaking ball tactic used by every pitcher you think has a good curveball, and it’s so slick you probably don’t even notice they’re doing it. Hitters don’t realize either!

🙅‍♀️ NEVER THROW A 12-6 CURVEBALL - When a pitcher tries to create 12-6 action, they will arch their back to raise their release point to “Get on top”. This creates two deliveries... a fastball delivery (deliberate, mechanics are smoother) and a curveball delivery (head flies out, release point higher, feels slower). As you move up levels, hitters will pick that up. A good coach will pick that up before you leave the bullpen. (*Listen to the story in the video at top of the page)

While we’re on curveballs… Also, never listen to a coach who tells you to...

“Get on top.”
”Snap the curveball.”
“Shoot it like gun at release.”
”Think 99% fastball then 1% curveball at release.”
“Shorten your stride.”

Each pitcher will have their own “pitching personality”. A good pitching coach will work to match the pitches in his arsenal to best fit his personality. Ever see a pitcher with “good” pitches get lit?

🚇How the best pitchers in baseball history have used the “tunneling” effect to fool hitters by making all of their pitches look the same.

🦄 The Next Trend In Pitching Will Be The _______. I’ll show you how to get ahead of the curve.

🤔Did Your Son Learn His Pitches At a Pitching Lesson? I hope NOT. If he did, he missed out on learning the single biggest (and really only) factor that matters when throwing great pitches. Without this. he (and his pitching coach) are crossing their fingers. Don’t worry, it’s an easy turnaround. You can start the very day I teach you.

🛑 STOP DOING ANY “PITCH” DRILL that, is one knee, two knees, wrist flick, pre-sets the feet, or uses any kind of device or contraption. There’s a simple drill you should do every day, and you can literally do it anywhere.

🤯 Mariano Rivera’s Secret Third Pitch?

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