WARNING: The Hitting World Is Changing.
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Mastering Exit Velocity & Launch Angle Transforms Your Son Into An


If You’re Willing To Tinker With A Few New Drills, Then You’ll Discover The Source Of Real Hitting Power That Guarantees Success..
Even If You’re 5 Foot Nothing and Weigh 70lbs Soaking Wet!

At this very moment your son is competing with hundreds and thousands, maybe even millions of hitters who are competing for a few coveted spots at the High School, College and Professional Level. 

Hitters today are wasting valuable practice time on outdated drills and useless hitting lessons. Your son might be one of those players. 

Maybe you’ve tried to bring your son to the local celebrity instructor or his travel team coach to work on his hitting with little success...

There are four words and two numbers that will determine if your son plays at the next level or not…

95 & 25

Scouts, recruiters and coaches are not going to be impressed with aluminum bat home runs and inflated travel team batting averages anymore. Those days are gone. 

Your son will be evaluated on Exit Velocity and Launch Angle... and you can’t fake them!

Let’s start with Exit Velo first? 
These stats are pretty shocking... 

If a Major League Player hits the ball with an exit speed of 104 mph, stats say he’ll hit 561.

That’s insane! 

If that same Major League hitter hits the ball with 110mph exit speed, he’s going to hit a WHOPPING .761!!


Now, you say, “Coach, my son can’t hit the ball 100mph.”

Of course not, but consider this: 

Let’s say your son hit a ground ball with a 55mph exit speed and the shortstop moves to his left, fields the ball and throws you out at first. 

The next time up you hit the ball to the same spot in the infield, but you hit it 65mph. Now, you have a base hit, instead of a ground out. 

Here’s a few more stats to that will blow you away: 

   The Exit Velocity On Home Runs = 103mph

   The Exit Velocity On Triples = 98mph

   The Exit Velocity On Doubles = 97mph

Jacob Lambert said, “I don’t look at home runs. I look at exit velocity."


Now, let’s look at launch angle. 

Check out this graphic of Bryce Harper’s launch angle... This is every ball he hit last year.

Now, you don’t have the technology to do this kind of detailed work. All you have to do is break it down into zones. 

In Zone 1, Harper hit .744.

If your son hits the ball in Zone 1 or Zone 2, he has a 70% chance of getting a hit. 

If he hits in those zones, he’s going to have a greater chance of hitting double, triples, and home runs!

95/25 Magic Formula

Like I said before, your son probably can’t hit the ball with 95mph exit velocity, but he can train to hit the ball as hard as he can AND HE CAN START TO TRAIN TO HIT AT A 25 DEGREE LAUNCH ANGLE!

I’ve designed 14 drills that automatically increase your exit velocity and launch angle. 

These are the exact drills we use at Fastball USA to manufacture 90mph+ hitters like they’re coming off an assembly line.  The same drills we use to practically force hitters to hit at that “magic” 25-degree launch angle. 

Not only are these drills 100% safe for hitters of all ages, but I’d go as far as to say they’re NECESSARY…

That’s IF you want your son to be able to compete in today’s (or tomorrow’s) game.

Bottom line:

With these drills, your son can quickly move toward that magic 95/25, no matter what his current age or level.

And I’ve compiled them into a powerful new video training:

Exit Velocity & Launch Angle Mastery

Let’s get one thing straight. 

If you’re looking for pretty

With slick production values…

This video is nothing fancy. 

This is pure, raw, unfiltered information that transforms hitters.

In fact, my partners and I agreed this information is so valuable (and so needed) that we’ve deliberately kept production costs low so that we can offer it to you at the best possible price.


I’ll be blunt. Your travel team coach might know all the buzzwords and they sound good when they shout them out at a game, but ask him to really teach you how to improve Exit Velo and Launch Angle and you’ll hear crickets. There’s just no other way you could easily get your hands on this critical information.

These drills are kindergarten simple.  You don’t need any kind of fancy equipment and you can do most of them in your garage or backyard.  You don’t need coaching experience, or to learn a bunch of biomechanics or complicated scientific jargon.

All you need are the drills I show you in the video.

In fact, with these drills, not only will you have an edge over almost any other coach out there…BUT…

Your son will start feeling it during the very first session! 

(And you’ll see the results as soon as his next at bat.)


How would you like to rewind the clock and have your son hit every ball he hit last year 10mph harder? Now just think about how much better he’ll do this year once you’re armed with the tools to see that 10mph increase? 

Imagine what your son’s career would look like if he improved his batting average by .100 points? 

How much more confident will your son be at the plate knowing exactly what angle he has to hit the ball to improve his chances of getting a hit? 

How about the look on his coaches and teammates faces when the ball starts flying off his bat like it was launched out of a missile silo?


Listen, in the last 6 years my team at Fastball USA has produced 23 100 mph hitters and 175 90mph hitters.

(I was a scout for The Seattle Mariners for 16 years before that.)

Players travel from all over the country (and all over the world) to learn my system.

9x my students have been drafted, and many of them are playing at the highest levels of collegiate baseball.

My book Creating The 100mph Hitter was the first on the topic.  Mark my words, a few years from now, most books on hitting will be about exit velocity and launch angle!

In this exclusive video, I’m pulling back the curtains for the first time and revealing my go-to drills to develop exit velocity and launch angle.

You’ll be getting very specific, very detailed secrets I use to bring the best out players of all ranks and ages.

Secrets like…

  • 3 simple rules to instantly “unlock” the massive hitting power in your swing (if you watch big-league hitters they do all three Every. Single. Time…yet most youth players are never taught these crucial swing fundamentals) 13:16
  • Two questions you MUST ask yourself after every swing (even if you do nothing more than ask your son these two very simple questions, you’ll always know with 100% certainty if he’s on track) 1:40
  • A visual example of the exact wrong angle at which to hold the bat (this common swing defect churns out ground balls and leads to chopping at the ball…which creates ground balls and even pop ups) 20:28
  • Why hitters who stand up too much have such a hard time hitting line-drives into the outfield (and a simple drill your son can use to better mobilize the kilotons of power available right now in his lower body) 50:43
  • The simple “home run derby” game you can play with your son that virtually guarantees he’ll be hitting bombs in record time (not only does this work but it’s a lot of fun to play – perfect for younger athletes) 23:44
  • The #1 most common mistake hitters make that sucks all of the power out of your swing (Seriously…never do this hit-killing move we show you at 32:37 of the video)
  • Two “magic” little bat-position tweaks that let you build tension like a fully stretched rubber band and release massive payloads of speed and power into every swing (these are “insider” hitting tweaks that almost no one is talking about…and your son will love how easy they are to do) 45:53
  • The key to ensuring maximum “skill transference” from drills to your regular swing (this is the single most violated rule of practice…yet most coaches know nothing about it) 28:51
  • How to avoid the “rollover disease” of hitting weak ground balls that afflicts many hitters and prevents them from reaching their potential 14:00
  • An almost fool-proof way to replicate the precise movement big-league hitters use to take a pitch (learning this can give your son so much more control at the plate…and it’s not hard, simply use the drill demonstrated at 31:53 in the video)
  • A little-used practice area set-up tip that forces you to generate big-hit and homer-crushing power…without changing your swing!  (Simply set up in this very specific way and watch how quickly your son improves) 33:48
  • The amazing “reverse swing” drill that leaves a deep neurological imprint (this is almost like programming your son’s nervous system with what it feels like to have world-class technique) 28:11
  • The simple, two-stage movement that goes into an effective swing (and the Albert Pujols inspired drill that lets your son easily train and master it) 17:47
  • 19:42 The little-known “imaginary window” secret that lets you create near perfect launch angle almost every time (We show you photographic evidence of how the game’s top hitters all do this…going all the way back to Babe Ruth in 1920…and how, with nothing more than a simple catching glove, your son can use this secret to…

Let’s rewind that last bit.


I can’t overstate how big this is!  Many of the game’s most prolific hitters have used different styles.  But when you break it down, there are certain principles at work in EVERY world-class swing.  These are the mechanics that go into producing exit velocity and launch angle.  Could your son do this one specific thing that all great players do?  With a little practice, why not?

This’ll be a huge A-HA moment for you.

And it’ll take so much stress off you as a parent, trying to “correct” your son’s swing.

Simply use the catching glove drill (and others) the way we show you – which isn’t hard – and watch your son almost instantly get more hits!

And I’m just getting warmed up.

Here are a few MORE secrets you’ll find in the video:

  • The secret, almost automatic way to ensure you hit the ball harder every single time…even if you never do another drill for the rest of your life! (Simple, yet in today’s over-complicated coaching culture this rule is rarely – if ever – taught to kids) 0:46
  • Clear and straightforward advice on how to help a hitter who is struggling with hitting ground balls 54:55
  • The shocking secret that lets you hit farther by NOT finishing your swing!  (I know it sounds crazy but it’s true…many of our athletes are floored when, using this technique, they’re able to hit farther on a half swing or a three-quarters-swing than their regular swing!) 38:30  
  • A complete breakdown (in plain and simple language) of the goal of each drill (watch this together with your son…even youngsters will love the easy-to-understand, visual explanations)
  • The single most effective way to maximize any practice you do in a batting cage (use this simple “mental cue” and your son will find himself reliably hitting more line drives over the in-field) 56:54
  • The #1 drill for launching the ball at the ideal angle and with machine-like accuracy! 37:35
  • What to do for a hitter with a tendency to roll over, or that has a “choppy” swing (this simple drill will add adjustability to your son’s swing, give him a better launch angle, and practically “strike-proof” his swing against even the best pitchers) 42:49
  • Secret techniques that let you “stockpile” huge amounts of power before dumping it full-speed into your swing (just tell your son to move his body in this special way – which doesn’t take more than a few simple drills – and watch him UNLOAD at his next at bat!) 17:14
  • The easy-to-understand “triangle secret” that lets hitters better time their head and body movement to squeeze the maximum amount of “juice” out of every swing (your son will face down any pitcher with more confidence when he knows this) 34:50
  • 3 common “bad bat angles” that destroy hitters’ averages (and the exact drills you need to correct them) 53:11
  • A fun to do high-speed drill that teaches you how to “sequence” your hips so you tee off on pitchers (your son will instantly feel more high-energy in his swing, letting him better use the strength he currently has at his age…our students LOVE this one) 36:00
  • 4 essential categories of drills – proven to manufacture 90mph and 100mph hitters – that will let your son get more at bats, be selected for more teams, and progress through the sport, no matter how hard he hits now (AND every single one of these drills is safe and recommended for athletes of all ages) 22:42
  • PLUS…The 3-in-1 drill that lets you develop multiple phases of your swing for even faster results (51:27)…The biggest – and maybe most common – hitting mistake that causes rollover (22:10)…Why finishing your swing has absolutely nothing do with your hands (13:35)…The Jose Batista secret for how to finish your swing instead (14:35)…A rare bonus drill (using two ball tees) that instantly creates a better launch angle 54:00…The weird – but highly effective – “ham and cheese sandwich” trick that lets you hit with more accuracy 45:35

    …and much, much more!

    That’s just a small taste of what you’ll learn in the video.

    This stuff is no joke.

    It’s some of the most powerful hitting information on the planet (that not 1 in a 1,000 coaches knows).



    Here’s the deal:

    Nothing is held back in this tell-all video.

    I’ve gone the distance to bring you the best drills I have personally tested, refined, and proven with our athletes here at Fastball USA. 

    All your son needs is the drills and information in this video and he’ll be a different hitter this year.

    (...and you’ll be a more relaxed parent just knowing he has them!)

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    Players from Taiwan, The Philippines, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, and all over the USA have each paid thousands to travel to one of our camps and learn these secrets.

    How much is your son’s baseball destiny worth to you?

    Because nothing less is at stake.

    His playing time, playing on the team he wants to, advancing through the sport and reaching his potential – let alone his enjoyment of the game, because getting better makes playing more fun – all hinge on his ability to produce Exit Velocity & Launch Angle.

    What would not knowing how to create exit velocity and launch angle cost him?

    Is it some…or all of the above?

    Let’s make sure he never finds out.

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    P.S. Soon there’s going to be no way around tracking and improving launch angle and exit velocity numbers.  If you don’t start tracking them now, your son will be behind when it comes time to improve them. 

    P.P.S. If you do start to track, measure and improve them now, you’ll have a head start on every other player your son will be competing with for attention from coaches, a spot on the team or playing time.

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