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The UFO Discs
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The UFO Discs are the most effective way for players to develop…
Hand-Eye Coordination

that gets players to see the ball into the glove, pick short hops, and exchange the ball from glove to hand faster.
Soft Hands

that help them field ground balls smoothly, catch fly balls out of their reach, and receive behind the plate with the ease and finesse of a big leaguer.
Laser-Like Focus

they need to be patient at the plate, composed on the mound, and zero in on the game. Great to focus a player before a big game.
Coaches love the UFO Discs because…

Players Practice More with the UFO discs because they’re fun. When players are having fun, they’ll lose all track of time. PERFECT for a practice station. 

They Get Players In Great Shape. By using the principles of Gamification, the UFO discs turn into a game that gets your players in shape without even realizing they’re working out. 

Plus, you can train with them anywhere... on the field, backyard, basement, or garages.

👉 Imagine looking back a year from now and seeing the player your son has become and thinking it was all because of a 2-inch piece of plastic.
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