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If thrown right, a curveball does no more damage to your arm than any other pitch...

From: Paul Reddick

You and I know both know curveballs are the “third rail” of baseball.

There’s a Ridiculous (with a capital R) amount of bad information, conventional wisdom, cautionary advice, urban myths and old wives tales about the curveball thrown at you everyday.

You’ve heard these, right?
  • Don’t throw a curveball until you're 16...
  • Don’t throw a curveball until you’re shaving.
  • A curveball shreds your elbow.
  • A curveball causes you to have Tommy John surgery...
  • Don’t throw a curveball until you have a girlfriend! 🤣
  • Snapping a curveball hurts your arm...
  • The curveball ended Sandy Koufax’s career.

Well, you can cross all of those off your list.

Every single one of them is downright false!

But, we also know that a curveball is a career changing pitch. (It’s not right for every pitcher, but when it is… Forget it. Think Clayton Kershaw!)


With all of that bad information flying around how could you possibly know if you should or should not throw a curveball and if you do throw it how do you know it won’t put you on the operating table and ruin your career?

The truth is…

I’ve had youth pitchers that I had no problem whatsoever teaching a curveball and felt 100% confident they could safely throw the pitch


I’ve had High School and college pitchers that I would NEVER teach a curveball to underhand any circumstances, because I knew it would hurt them.

There is a formula for determining if your son can safely throw a curveball.

If the curveball is right for you, it can turn you into a new pitcher.



Have you ever seen a pitcher that is locked in throwing a filthy deuce that drops off the table?

A hitter can’t hit it.

If you have command over a curveball, you can flat out dominate. Like I said, it’s not the right pitch for every pitcher, but if it is… IT IS!

Numerous studies have proven that the right pitcher throwing the curveball the right way does no damage to your arm. But….


Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of Coaches and Dads who call me after their son has developed an arm injury because they (or their instructor) tried to wing it and teach them a curveball before they were ready.

It breaks my heart.

In addition to all the myths around a curveball, there’s a TON of bad instruction around it.

You’ve heard these, right?

  • Snap the curveball...
  • Don’t snap the curveball.
  • Throw a 12-6 curveball! (UGGGGHHH - That is the worst advice.)
  • Get on top of it.
  • Think 99% fastball and 1% curveball.
  • Get your thumb over the top...
  • Throw a spiked curveball.
  • Throw a safety curve....?!

All terrible instruction!

It’s instruction like this that gets kids hurt!



I recently broadcasted a live webinar for Baseball Education Center customers that goes into exact detail of everything things you need to know to throw a safe curveball.

Here’s what we we covered:

  • The Safe Curveball Formula --> Never guess or cross your fingers again. Check off each part of this formula and rest easy knowing that you’ll be throwing a safe curveball that won’t blow out your elbow. 
  • Throw It The Right Way --> It’s SOOOOO much easier than you think. Once you clear out all the myths and non-sense instruction, you’ll be amazed at just how simple the pitch is to throw.
  • The one thing that must be in place to throw a safe curveball and the truth is you cannot get around this, without this in place every curveball you’re throwing could be hurting your arm and you won’t know it until it’s too late and your elbow flares up.
  • The big (and most overlooked) mistake coaches and parents make when they start teaching the curveball. Most think they have this right, but 99% of them have it dead wrong!
  • How many curveballs can you safely throw? Even if everything is in place to throw a safe curveball, there is a limit and most coaches fall in love with a pitcher who can throw a curveball and end up hurting pitchers just to win games
  • If a curveball is wrong for you, I’ll tell you which pitches you should be throwing instead. Most times those pitches will be much more effective than banging your head against the wall trying to learn a curveball that might end up getting you hurt.


No Strings Attached!

This is not a misprint. There are no strings attached. There are no additional payments. There are no memberships. There are no trials or anything like the monkey business those other guys pull.

We have the complete, unedited recordings of this Masterclass and we’re giving you instant, lifetime access for just $1.

Here’s why I’m doing this...

☝️ Every pitcher, Dad and coach needs this information. I don't want another kid to end up on Dr. Andrews' operating table getting Tommy John surgery when it could easily be avoided.

✌️ I want to show you value. I’m hoping that if we hook you up with tremendous instruction that helps you avoid injury and maximizes your pitching career, that you’ll come back to us when you need other information and equipment. 

YES! Please give me instant access to download the Safe Curveballs Masterclass right now for just $1...

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