Attention: Dads and Coaches…
NOW! Your Son Can Use This Secret of 20 MLB Teams To…
In  Just 5-10 Minutes A Day, This System Can All But Transform His Throwing Arm Into A “Bullet Proof”, Max Velo Weapon... Even If He Struggles With Arm Strength Now!
"My arm felt like a cannon." 🔥


Right now there’s a revolution happening in baseball.

New school technologies and data are emerging that we never grew up with.

The game’s faster.

And the pressure for your son to compete well has never been higher.

It’s true that baseball has some very specific skills that take years of training and coaching to master.

However, before any baseball specific arm movements can become a part of him…


Today more than ever.

Yet most young players (and even their coaches) have NO IDEA where to start.

Also, many players balance practice with school and other responsibilities.

Time is scarce.

And that’s just the beginning of his problems…


It’s every baseball Dad’s worst nightmare.


Arm injuries are at an all-time high in baseball, having gone up by over 250% in the last ten years!  That’s during a time when playing time has dropped 27%.  UCL injuries have risen to what some would call epidemic proportions at 193% over a 10-year period.

We’re now seeing players as young as thirteen needing Tommy Johns surgery!

As much as it pains me to say it:

Your son is one injury away from having his playing career sidelined.

Even mild to moderate pain limits his practice and game time. 

(Plus it’s not much fun for him.)

If he’s tight, it takes him longer to get going during the game.

If he needs too much time to recover between games, it costs him playing opportunities.

Maybe you’re just tired of hearing him complain about a sore arm.

Bottom line:

If you want him to stay healthy and throw harder (more often)…


If he’s a position player, it’ll help him stand out.

If he’s a pitcher, then it’s a MUST.

And the younger you can start him on this simple habit, the better.

Maybe he knows to keep his shoulder strong but is not sure what to do (or worse, he got BAD advice!  Plenty of that out there).

Maybe he knows he needs to warm up but is not sure the best way (or would warm up better if someone showed him something simpler).

Maybe he doesn’t have time or access to a gym.

No sweat.

👉 Introducing Crossover Symmetry…

  • Used by over 20 MLB teams ⚾️
  • Designed by Top Physical Therapists 👍
  • 100% Portable 🚘
  • Mobile friendly Online Training Center 💻

It’s a complete training solution that corrects the movement breakdowns that lead to shoulder pain…using a proven 3 step plan: shoulder screen, customize, rehab.

There is a ‘pain track’ which is your at-home self-rehab program.

And if you pass the screen and don’t have shoulder pain, there’s a ‘performance track’ that lets you quickly maximize your shoulder’s strength, stability, and mobility.

The Online Training Zone provides you with videos explaining what to do and how to do it, mistakes to avoid, even how to modify in case of pain – every day of the program.

Weekly tests gauge your progress and keep you on a path to pain-free, high performing shoulders.

A warning:


Based on the latest, proven research, it contains nothing but proven, state-of-the-art training tools and methods that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

No other arm care program has received such widespread endorsement from so many elite athletes, physical therapists, and doctors.

Not even close.

It’s nothing less than the fastest known way to get you past pain without sitting in a waiting room.

And it’s easy to use too.

The Crossover Symmetry packages are meant to be used right out of the box without ANY other equipment, so it comes with exercise cords and attachments for door, squat rack, or mounting on the wall.

All the way to the MLB...You can customize the resistance for any age or strength level. 

Also, everything is laid out for you in (including how to customize your own program) in simple terms any layperson can understand.

It’s easy to navigate the training videos and download program PDF’s.

And with the mobile friendly layout, it’s like having your own physical therapist with you at all times, right there in your pocket! 📱

Best part?

All it takes is 5-10 minutes a day.

Perfect even for busy teenagers.

Your son will feel better the first time he warms up using them.

In about a week, he’ll already have less pain.

And it won’t be long after that he starts enjoying increased power, speed, and control every time he throws.


Think of what a strong shoulder means for him…

More confidence, control, playing time…now when he reaches back to throw, injuries will be far from his mind because he’ll know he can count on his arm to be there when he needs it...

No missing games and practices to…

And you can feel good knowing you’re doing the right thing for his longevity in the sport, and most importantly, his health.

What I can guarantee you is this:

Without the right arm care not only is he leaving the door wide open to injuries, he’ll eventually hit a ceiling of how hard he can throw…and any time he attempts to add velocity it’ll lead to pain or injury.

He’ll never know how good he could have been…

Or he’ll wind up spending time on the sidelines when he could be enjoying the game.


Crossover Symmetry now serves up performance with a side of injury prevention for over half of the MLB organizations, several NFL, NBA, and NHL teams, just about every NCAA Division-1 school, and hard pressing athletes at every level and walk of life looking to make their bodies better.

Also preferred by USA Olympic Athletes, their training tools and methods are used by thousands of rehab clinics across the country.  All protocols are designed by top physical therapists and approved by doctors.

You can rest easy knowing your son is getting the instruction he needs and that you can trust.

In a moment we’ll reveal how, for a limited time, you can get your hands on the entire Crossover Symmetry System at a huge discount.

But first…


  • How players of all ages are maintaining their velocity (most even improve their velocity) throughout the course of the season! (Your son will love this simple, proven program)!
  • The proven science of crossbody exercise patterns that almost forces your brain and nervous system to find and wipe out velocity-killing weakness! 🧠
  • Secret techniques that shorten a pitcher’s recovery time in between games! (Crossover's MLB and collegiate clients can’t say enough about what a difference this makes)!
  • Breakthrough solutions for keeping players healthy! (Nothing ruins careers faster than injuries or being sidelined with pain. After 13 years and thousands of shoulders, here is the proven 3-step plan for self-rehab and prevention!)
  • A “can’t miss” way to significantly increase shoulder mobility and flexibility! 💪 (Together with strength and stability these are the secret ingredients to “steel-plated” shoulders)!
  • 5 programs to build arm strength, throw harder, and protect your arm (These cover all the key aspects of rehab, strength training, warmups, recovery and mobility.  Your son will never need another arm care program once he has this.) 🖐
  • Simple tactics to shorten the warm-up routine without losing any performance (This lets your son skip over the full grind and get right to what counts for being game-ready)!
  • 5 biggest exercise mistakes that rob you of the arm strength and velocity gains you’re looking for! (Plus, how to avoid them to unlock the insane power hidden in your son’s throwing arm)!
  • A simple to follow chart you can hang on your wall so you’re never in doubt about what to do, and when 📋 (The timing and method of each of the exercises is specific and depends on the situation.  Here’s how to ensure your son follows this to a tee)!
  • A quickie “idiot’s guide” on selecting the right resistance for ANY exercise (Improper weight selection can ruin your results.  Use this simple guide to remove all guesswork)!
  • 4 fast-start steps for the perfect setup every time
  • The little-known “EMOM” trick for making warm ups fast…and FUN! (Not something that is usually said about a warm up.  If your son ever resists warming up even though he knows he should, this is for him.)
  • What to do after heavy workloads or if you’re feeling sore or tired (Includes scientifically proven ways to reduce pain and swelling and improve tendon health)
  • What to do if you’re trying to manage shoulder pain (Also, release knots that could be inhibiting your son’s movement…and sending his velocity spiraling down the drain)
  • Why movement is essential to the healing process of any injury (Research shows why the conventional wisdom of just ‘lying in bed’ is 100% wrong.  Plus, how to know if you’re ready to start an exercise program or should seek medical care first!)
  • 6 red flags that can leave your son vulnerable to injury and destroy throwing velocity 🚩
  • The 90/90 exercise that lets you quickly and easily prime your shoulder (Your son will throw like a catapult as soon as he learns this simple move that most strength coaches don’t even know.)
  • The “Plyometric Pulse” secret that unleashes the power potential in your fast-twitch muscle fibers!  (This advanced secret takes earlier strength work and puts it on an entirely new level)
  • A simple 6-second recovery “trick” that gets your shoulder back to 100% after a game or practice
  • What to do if your pain is work related (Problems don’t always begin on the field.  Here’s how to deal with repetitive working tasks that are leeching away your son’s ability to throw...)
  • Breathe more easily, sleep better, boost energy, and eliminate annoying neck, back or shoulder pain by improving your posture (This crucial health factor is almost always overlooked!)
  • The “Tiger Walk” exercise that releases wads of explosive strength and power! 💥 (Learning this simple exercise lets your son tap into his own innate strength reserves)
  • The #1 key to fixing ANY shoulder injury (The cause is ALWAYS a breakdown in one of these three aspects of the joint and surrounding muscles.)
  • The “minimum effective dose” secret that lets you gain strength faster…and with the minimum amount of time spent working out!
  • A proven-effective program that’s like “coffee” for your shoulders! ☕ (Simply tell your son to spend five minutes doing this and he’ll be firing on all cylinders before the game even starts.)
  • Detailed exercise demonstrations, mistakes to avoid, and modifications in case of pain (Your son will always know EXACTLY what to do to prepare and protect his arm)!
  • And much, much more!

Honestly, we could go on and on.

There’s just a SMALL sample of the shoulder-proofing and velocity-boosting techniques that you can access as soon as today in the Online Training Center.

These secrets are already being used by many pro sports teams and elite athletes.

Our prediction is in five years there won’t be a collegiate, high-school, or youth program that doesn’t incorporate some aspect of the CS method.

Every day that goes by another young player is doing these exercises.

Don’t let your son get left behind.


“The single most important tool I use is the Crossover Symmetry System. Our pitchers love the advanced activation program and are able to maintain their velocity (most improve their velocity) throughout the course of the season. Equally as important, there is a significant improvement in our pitcher’s recovery time when doing the crossover workout after their outings. … I consider the Arizona Training Arsenal ™ the most sought after thrower’s training curriculum in all of baseball and Crossover Symmetry is the foundation of our arm care education.”

-Ken Knuston
Director, Arizona Training Arsenal™


Crossover Symmetry consists of the cords, attachment, and step-by-step protocols that will make rehabbing a sore arm (or simply developing a stronger arm) much easier and faster for your son than ever before.

It doesn’t matter how old he is, whether he’s competing for a spot on the team or just getting started in the sport, or if he’s short on time and doesn’t have access to a gym.

Here's a look at what you're getting:

With this 100% portable equipment and the accompanying custom arm care plan, your son will have no excuse for not doing the arm care he needs to recover faster between games and practices, prevent injuries, get stronger and…


Frankly, it’s almost easier to do this program than not to do it.

Once your son warms up and trains using CS, he’ll never want to be without the system again.

His confidence levels will explode (so will his throwing velocity).

Keeping that progress going will be about as easy and painless as taking a shower.

Plus, if you order today, we’ll ALSO send you the first ever medically designed…


It’s Crossover Symmetry’s BASE VELO Program.

And it’s a 10-week velocity development program that combines four scientifically proven ways to increase velocity.

However, BASE VELO is not just about velocity and strength…

A HEALTHY arm is job #1 throughout this program.

Designed to be a preseason program, it’s also good for a fall showcase or offseason training.

Here’s a sneak preview of the secret techniques inside:

  • 4 proven training methods to increase velocity ⚡️ (This starts with daily arm care and takes your son through a progressive throwing program, with strength, stability and mobility training to guarantee he’s able to throw a heck of a lot harder…but with less pain!)
  • Increase size, strength, and power with a periodized, baseball-specific strength training program 🏋🏻‍♂️
  • Warm up, get stronger, and recover like the pros! (No more sore arm!  Our custom activation and recovery protocols – currently being used by over half of MLB organizations – let your son throw harder, for longer…AND bounce back faster)
  • Develop a jet-propelled throw without placing more stress on the arm!  (Boost rotational power and core stability.  Also an effective mental training tool to build intent, which is the savagery needed to unleash everything you’ve got without any hesitation)
  • Light up the radar gun, safely, with gradual increases in throwing volume and intensity (Research shows that a majority of injuries happen early in the season, suggesting most coaches are increasing workloads faster than their players’ bodies can handle.)
  • What to do if you feel a hinge in your arm that “doesn’t feel normal” or can’t be worked out by continuing to throw
  • Exactly how to layer exercises in order to prime the body for high-velocity throwing
  • The one best way to eliminate weak links ⛓ (The BASE VELO Strength Program takes care of that by targeting and strengthening key muscles that make up the foundation of the shoulder)
  • The insider secrets of “performance arm care” (These are the extra baseball specific exercises that reinforce everything further.  He’ll feel like he has a “bionic” arm)!
  • Week by week calendar with detailed video explanations 🗓 (These will walk your son through the weightlifting portion of this program so you can rest easy he’s doing it safely and correctly)
  • and more...

The BASE VELO program has a retail value of $47.

But it’s yours FREE when you order the Crossover Symmetry System today.


Thousands of shoulders and 13 years have proven this technology effective.

This could very well be the last investment you’ll ever need to make in your son’s arm health.

Plus, you’ll be equipping him with the foundation he needs to develop that arm into a full blown cannon!

So, how much does Crossover Symmetry cost?

Not nearly as much as you might think.  Especially since many Dads spend thousands on physical therapists, personal trainers, and massage therapists for their sons.

But you don’t have to pay $1,000, $500, or even $200.

Crossover Symmetry retails for just $195.

And if we hear from you today…you can get all these elite shoulder training secrets of the pros for just $129.

However, there is a catch...

Here at BEC, we go hard to negotiate with suppliers to bring you the best possible deal.

And we were only able to get a limited quantity at the special price.

They will not last.

Also, know that you’re 100% protected by…


After 30 days, we expect your son to be pain free, or his pain drastically reduced.

In fact, we’re so confident in this we’re willing to put our money on the line to prove it!

So here’s what we’re doing:

Use the system for 30 days and if it doesn’t change how your son feels and moves…if he isn’t already feeling much stronger…if you don’t think this is the easiest and best arm care system you’ve ever tried…let us know and we’ll have it picked up, entirely at our cost, and promptly give you your money back.

No hassles or quibbles.

Plus you can keep the 10-Week BASE VELO program for your trouble.

That means you have zero risk and your son can actually...


But time is short and you must act fast.

We have a limited number in stock and every Dad is going to want one for his son.

Listen, injuries can happen at any age.

You do NOT want to look back and regret that you didn’t take this chance to protect your son’s arm. And I can almost guarantee your son is leaving velocity on the table each time he throws without using these techniques. 

It’s so easy to order, too.

Just choose your resistance and click on the link below and follow the simple instructions.

After that, we’ll ship it right to your doorstep and on our dime.

Choose your resistance and click the button below to order Crossover Symmetry now at the special price (while supplies last):

Discounted Shoulder Systems Available.

P.S. Arm injuries in baseball STILL on the rise.

Now is the time to implant the habit of arm care in your son so he can enjoy a long and healthy career. 👍

P.P.S. Look back over your son’s last season…

Could he have put in more practice time and playing time, maybe attracted more attention if he was pain free and had the strong shoulder foundations and increased velocity this program gives him? 🔥

This is how the games best throw harder and prevent injury.

Why not your son?

Choose your resistance below to order now before it’s too late:


Our 12 Month Money Back Guarantee

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You can relax knowing that you're completely protected by our One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We’re not jerks. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right. If our product doesn’t deliver as promised, let us know. You’ll get your money back on the spot and you can keep the program.

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