Every parents and player wants to know…



QUESTION: What kind of advantage would your son have if he knew exactly what coaches looked for in a player?

ANSWER: A huge advantage (almost an unfair advantage) because nobody really knows exactly what college coaches look for in a player.

PROBLEM: Up until now, you’d have to rely on conventional wisdom, theory, and good guessing.

The wrong information or advice can send you running in circles and burn crucial time…and TIME is the most critical factor in the recruiting process.

Every second is critical.
The right information is crucial.

SOLUTION: We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. No more guessing or relying on shotty advice. We’ve done the research, the interviews and the surveying. We’ve reviewed recruiting standards from nearly 400 college baseball programs.

Having this kind of insider information is an advantage and you can put that advantage on your side right now!

Straight from the College Coaches…

  • You’ll now have Confidence knowing exactly what every college coach looks for at all positions and every level, so the right schools recruit your son.

  • The 4 (Little known) Recruiting Points Every Coach Looks For In A Prospect: Most players only focus on one and then wonder why coaches don’t recruit them.

  • VELOCITY & EXIT VELO: Every school has different requirements.

  • It gets blown out of proportion, so probably much lower than you’ve been told.

  • The First Thing A Coach Looks For In A Player: Fail this test and the coach won’t recruit you.

  • NEVER: Never listen to someone who says “College coaches look for ______”. They don’t know what they're talking about. Every coach will look for something different.

  • WHAT COACHES THINK IS IMPORTANT that most players and parents think is NOT important! Ignore at your own risk.

  • WHAT PARENTS THINK IS IMPORTANT that most college coaches don’t even care about. You’ll waste time on this and if you say this to a college coach, you’ll look like one of those dads that don’t get it.

  • SHOCKER! What top D1 programs look for that almost no other college level looks for in a recruit.

  • And more…

You don’t want to come up short at the end of the recruiting process and wish you had put this information to work for you.

Because you get only one shot to get the recruiting process right, and we know how much of an impact the right program can have on your son, we’re willing to remove everything in your way and make it fast, easy, and affordable for you to take action now, get the right information to help your son, and be the person that gets your son to the right school, we’re knocking 98% off the retail value.

Armed With This Kind Of Insider Information Your Son Can Enter The Recruiting Process With Confidence Knowing How To Get Attention From His Dream Schools!


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