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Coaching and Mentoring with Paul Reddick


Pitchers who work with Paul come to him because they:

  • can’t throw strikes
  • can’t throw without pain
  • are not pitching to their potential
  • development delayed
  • need to add another pitch
  • want to get to the next level

    Pitchers hire me because…

    • I see things most pitching coaches can’t see.
    • I identify quick fixes in pitchers.
    • I make it easier for them to understand.
    • I look at them as a pitcher and not how another coach may see who they fit in a team.
    • I see where they’re leaking velocity or leaving it on the table.


    If you struggle with:

    • focusing
    • motivation
    • nervous, anxious, worried
    • can’t get over past mistakes
    • not playing to the potential you know you can

    Parents hire me to mentor their young men because…

    • I can be another male role model for them.
    • I can speak honestly and directly to them.
    • I'm a trusted advisor and mentor they can count on.
    • They trust that I share a long term vision for their son's success.


    If you would like help in:

    • taking your game to the next level
    • setting and accomplishing big goals
    • playing on the highest levels
    • playing your best when it means the most
    • understanding your prime athletic drivers

    High level performers hire me because…

    • I’ve coached Navy SEALS and professional athletes, CEOs, executives, Ivy League schools, and more...
    • I find a higher level for them and then hold them to it. Most times I’m the only person in their world who can hold them to that degree of performance.


    If you would like help with:

    • how to talk to your son
    • motivating your son
    • creating a relationship outside of baseball
    • how to be firm, but fun
    • creating values for your family to live by

    Dads hire me to coach them because...

    • I give them massive experience.
    • I help them connect with their sons so they can develop a life long relationship.
    • I help them step into the man, husband, father and leader they know they can be.


    If you...

    • can’t get your business off the ground
    • have a great idea but don’t know where to start
    • have a great product but can’t seem to get attention
    • want to increase sales
    • have a start up
    • need ideas
    • want to turn up your revenue
    • are looking for hidden profits

    Entrepreneurs hire me because …

    • I have built a million dollar business of my own.
    • I've helped others build 7 figure businesses.
    • I'm trusted by some of the biggest names in sports/fitness industry.

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