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The Single Biggest Unfair Advantage Any
Player Can Have In The Next Few Years

The coming years will bring massive changes to baseball. Big data will change scouting and recruiting. Rules changes like the pitcher's speed clock and robotic umpires are on the way.

A player with hopes to play at higher levels will need every single advantage he can get. In working with thousands of Dads, coaches and players, we know what this single biggest advantage will be for players in the coming years and we want to share it in this new video.

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The 90MPH Report, you’ll learn:

  • What it takes for long term pitching success, not short term flashes. This way you can set up your pitcher for a great career and not just a good year.
  • The only thing a pitcher should focus to steadily increase velocity. Can you imagine a fastball that gets faster each and every year?
  • Why every pitcher alive has the capacity to throw at least 85mph…and we mean EVERY PITCHER!
  • How to be that durable “go-to” pitcher that is called on to pitch big games at the end of the year (when most pitchers are fading). You’ll get chances to pitch in the big tournament games and called on in clutch situations when a durable pitcher is needed.
  • The only 5 factors a pitcher must master to get any hitter out in any situation…it works from Little League to the big leagues. 

  • Reproduce high velocity mechanics without the risk of injury. Too many pitchers are putting their arms at risk with dangerous and risky velocity programs.
  • Why a few mechanical shifts can create mental toughness. Strong Body = Strong Mind! The ability to be mentally tough in the biggest situations starts with solid mechanics that a pitcher can count on to make big pitches in big situations.
  • The person you should go to the second your pitcher starts to lose control. HINT: It’s not your pitching coach!
  • The type of coach you should never take any advice from…and I’m willing to bet you 100 bucks your pitcher has one of those coaches in his ear right now.
  • How the coming rule changes and technology changes will dramatically alter how your son will pitch. If you don’t stay ahead of the curve, you’ll get left behind.
  • The 4 people every pitcher needs to be working on his career (even for younger pitchers). The early you start this, the better!
  • The most crucial 1 second of the pitching delivery that will affect velocity, control, command and health.
  • The tricks pitching coaches use to make you look good in a lesson, but don’t really help you long term. Once you know them, you’ll never be able to “un-see” them and you’ll spot them a mile away.
  • The secrets to pin point control and command of not only your fastball, but every pitch in the book. Once you know every pitch, you can create your arsenal.
  • and much more...


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