Baseball Business Building Video Series Recap

Video #1:
Paul’s Story

Video #2:
Why Great Coaches Don’t Have Great Businesses

Video #3:
The Power of a System

Video #4:
The Sales Process We Use For Every Product and Promotion

Video #5:
Distribute Your Product or Service to 600,000+ Baseball People

The 2021 Baseball Business Mastermind with Paul Reddick

The Baseball Business Mastermind is for serious business owners only.

To join this group, building your baseball business has to be a MUST for you. This group is not for hobbyists, Wantrepreneurs, or members who are just going lurk around and watch from the bench. I don't work with bench warmers. I only work with people who want to get in the game.

Show up the way you expect your players to show up.

You know that meeting you have with your team right before the season starts? The meeting where you talk about commitment, showing up, playing hard, and playing as a team?

I'm going to expect you to show up the way you expect your players to show up. 👊

The Baseball Business Mastermind

Here's just a taste of what you'll get inside the mastermind:

Each and every week, I'll hand you an "in the trenches, over the shoulder" look at what we're doing at Baseball Education Center for you to swipe and deploy in your business.

These lessons won't be fluff or theory. We'll hand you the tactics and strategies we use to create, promote, and sell our products at Baseball Education Center. When we do a promotion, we don't have time for guessing or hoping. Our promotions MUST work. We're playing at the highest level, so every move we make must be tactical and precise. There's no room for us to experiment with the cute ideas or wishful thinking you might hear from business gurus. We lace up our cleats and play to win. There's no second place in our game.

During mastermind meetings, you'll have the choice to be in the "hotseat" and have the group brainstorm ideas and help you build your business. These meetings are also an incredible opportunity to brainstorm new ideas, new products, new services, and to get insider access to the latest tips and tools that are building baseball businesses. These meetings are also a powerful way to network with other members to create collaborations, joint ventures, and affiliate promotions.

Each month will host a live Q&A call where I will field your questions, go deeper into topics, and do live virtual hot seats. These calls give us time to in-depth with your ideas, projects, and challenges.

Between video lessons, meetings, and live Q&A calls, our private Facebook group will serve as our locker room where we will gather to share ideas, ask questions, get advice and learn new strategies.

Also, our team will gather all of the questions asked in the group, and I'll answer each question, so we create an ongoing database of questions and answers. This way you'll always know where to go when you have a question about building your business.

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Spots Available

Your Investment:
$8000 Per Quarter -or- $24,000 Per Year


When you decide to become a Paid In Full Founding Member, you'll save an additional $745 and invest only $3995 for the year PLUS when your business is ready, we'll email your offer to our entire database of 640,000+ members.

There is not another place on earth you can get this kind of distribution for your baseball business with a single click of a mouse. The revenue you could generate from one email will more than pay for your entire tuition to join the group.

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