⚡ HEADS UP! Hitters Stuck At Home!

The Ultimate At-Home Hitting Practice

Transform Your Son Into A Game-Ready Hitter During The Shutdown
Without A Batting Cage, Crazy Equipment Or A Lot Of Space!

😠 This stinks!

We’re all stuck at home and can’t get out to the field,
the cages or even gather for practice.

I hate it as much as you do.


I’m you hitting coach and I’ve got you covered.

I don’t want your son to fall behind during the shutdown because his normal baseball routine has been derailed.

For your son, I put together a “kindergarten” simple at home practice plan you can do with your son. You’ll follow me through every step. It’s crazy easy to do.

💪 But, don’t think because it’s simple it’s not powerful.

You won’t need a cage, crazy equipment or a lot of space.
You can do it all right in your backyard.

But, It’s Up To You.

🚪 This is an opportunity for your son to blow past the hitters who are not committed to training. Your son will start to see, but more importantly, FEEL the results right away.

Look, the games are going to start again and the players who stay sharp are going to be the ones that dominate. Make sure your boy is one of those players.

👉 Here is what I put together for you:

Every Single Day has a specific theme in which you will focus on improving your son’s hitting. 

The daily theme changes each day, in order for you to improve multiple aspects of hitting NOT just one.

The daily theme also creates variety, and variation in your training so don’t get bored and end up just doing mindless reps LIKE THE COMPETITION.

The daily theme system also is designed to challenge you each week slightly beyond your current ability level.

Here is a break down on the daily themes:

1️⃣ Technique and Swing Efficiency
2️⃣ Timing and Technique combination
3️⃣ Over Load and Under Load Power Training
4️⃣ Hitting Target Training For Swing Adjustability
5️⃣ Game Ready Hitting Batting Practice Methods


The Good News is….
All of this is designed with having:

✅ Very limited equipment
✅ Very limited space.

This is designed to for AT HOME training
right in your garage or even your backyard.

In fact most of the equipment you need is probably sitting in your garage right now.

If it’s not, I will show you how to make it!


It’s super easy to follow along with each day.

I give you instruction on how to do the drills and exercises.

It’s simple, yet challenging.


I created a second and more advanced 5 day cycle in which you will be able take each theme and make it more advanced.

That’s right, I actually created an advanced version of each training day theme.

Naturally your hitter wants to be challenged. As soon as he thinks he has it all figured it out, I have created a more advanced version of the program.

I divided the training into 2 Cycles.

Cycle A will be performed in Week 1 and Week 3.
Cycle B will be performed in Week 2 and Week 4.

The good news is if this layoff goes longer than 4 weeks you will be able to continue this cycle of training for as long as you need.

Mike's “Game Ready” Guarantee 👊

Get the At-Home Hitting Training today and participate for a full 30 days, and if you don't feel this is the best at home hitting information on the planet… simply send us an email, and we’ll send you a full refund right away. No questions asked.

That way there’s zero risk to you.

Youve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

The shutdown is NOT the time for your son to relax.
Now is the time to step on the gas.

😎 This cannot be made easier for you.

Hit 💣’s!
Coach Mike Ryan

✅ P.S. I really believe that every days your son does not practice, he’s actually falling behind other players by 3 to 4 days.

✅✅ P.P.S. This shutdown will have a ripple effect. Players who fall behind will feel this for years.