How A Baseball Coach From New Jersey With No Marketing Experience Discovered
The Most Profitable Online Formula

Ever Created And Used It To Rake In $48,573 in 4 Days Flat!

Finally You’ll Create A Lucrative Online Product In 48 Hours Or Less Without Writing Long Copy, Spending Your Life On Social Media Or Wasting Money On Ads!

Dear Friend,

It was a Tuesday morning and I was sitting in my office.
Well, I call it my office. It’s really a spare bedroom over the garage.

I had an idea for a product called The New Rules Of Hitting.
It had been brewing in my head for a while.

It was time for it to be born.

  1. I pulled out my 81 System Sheets.
    This is the process I use to make all of my online products.

  2. Outlined the product in few minutes.

  3. Strolled down to the basement where I had a little filming set up (that I put together myself).

  4. Set up the tripod with a 5 year old camera I bought for 299 bucks.

  5. Clicked record.

  6. Followed my outline, spoke in to the camera and just did what I do best.

  7. 90 minutes later, I clicked stop record.

  8. I went back up to the room over the garage. I mean, went back to my office.

  9. Imported the video to iMovie.

  10. Clipped the ends off the video to edit it.

  11. Exported the video from iMovie.

  12. Uploaded it to my system (which was a $30 video member site).
Product done! ✅

Then I pulled out the 81 System Sheets again and used it to mock up the sales page in iWeb in about an hour.

(Apple doesn’t even support iWeb anymore, but I still use it.)

Sent it to a web guy we hired on Upwork and paid him $50 to create the website.

Then, using the 81 System Sheets again, I whipped up 5 emails that would go out to my subscribers over the next few days.

The first email told them I made something cool for them.

The other 4 told them about the product and had a link for them to buy it.

I set up the emails to be automatically delivered.

Done and done.

I wasn’t keeping exact track of time but it was less than 8 hours total because I started around 9:00am after I dropped the kids off at school and I picked up them up at 4:30 that same day.

The next four days I sat back watched the sales roll in.

By the time I closed the sale on Sunday night I raked in $48,573.


Here’s the crazy part. New Rules For Hitting is a $27 product.

Repeat. 27 bucks! 🤯

So, in 6 days flat I raked in $48,573 on a product that was not on my to-do list when I woke up on that Tuesday morning. 

I’m not here to shovel sunshine at you. I run a real business. Not the fantasy businesses you see Guru’s talk about.

THE BAD NEWS: It’s business. There are expenses. I didn’t get to keep all of it.

THE GOOD NEWS: That product continues to sell to this day.

So far, it has raked in $159,318 on a $27 product that I worked less than 8 hours on.

THAT’S $19,914 PER HOUR!

You’re probably trying to figure out what part of this story I’m leaving out, right?

I did nothing the gurus are telling you to do.

I did not have any affiliates.

No social media.

No YouTube video.

Not a single tweet.


No ClickFunnels. (It wasn’t invented yet.)

No LeadPages. (It wasn’t invented yet.)

No Instagram. (It wasn’t invented yet.)

No WordPress.

I don’t know how code a web page.

No fancy video shoot.

No upsells.

We had no funnel either. It was just the product.


People think I’m some kind of genius marketer. I ain’t. 🙂

In fact, world famous sports psychologist Rob Gilbert said:


“Paul is the world's greatest sports marketer!”

It’s flattering, but I kinda chuckle when people say that because I’m not a great marketer. I took one marketing course in college and I think I got a D.

Here’s what I am…

I’m passionate about coaching, good at what I do, and through trial and error I stumbled upon a system that delivers a consistent, predictable and reliable income month after month working from my spare bedroom doing what I love. 

There’s some guys in the marketing world with real talent and they can sell anything.

I’m just not one of them... and that’s the secret most guru’s hope you never find out…

You don’t have to be the greatest marketer in the world to create massive success online.

If that ever got out, whatever would the guru’s sell you?

I have no super powers.

No marketing education that would give me an advantage.

No financial backing.

No unfair advantage whatsoever.

Just my passion for coaching and my 81 System.


You just need the right system to run it through.

You don’t have reinvent the wheel when you make products either.

Just run it through an 81 System, like mine.

Plug and play.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

The 81 System is super simple. I could write it out for you on the back of a napkin over a cup coffee.

It’s not only simple but it’s predictable.

We’ve produced hit after hit with it…

Seriously… Last month, my business did $124,728 using the 81 System…


The best part is you get to keep doing what you’re best at.

You never have to switch to a pushy marketer.

You don’t have to beg affiliates to promote for you.

Spend all day posting everything you do on social media.

Stay up all night grinding out long sales letters.


I don’t live some crazy lifestyle like you see other guys online flaunting.

I stay focused on what matters most.

I have the freedom to drop my kids off at school and be there waiting for them when they come home.

I’m there for everything. I’ve only missed a handful of soccer games, karate classes, tennis lessons, school functions or Church Sundays. I’m there for every minute with my family.

My family is first in my life and my business is built around me being there for them and my success is designed to support my life and time with them. Period.

We have a nice house, nice cars, and we take a few awesome family vacations per year, but I don’t blow my money on dumb stuff.

You’ll never see me driving a Lambo or climbing Kilimanjaro. There’s nothing wrong with that. I choose to use my freedom and time being a great Dad and family man.

My business is designed to fund the lifestyle that allows me to take care of what matters most to me.

It wasn’t always that way though…

I Was 50 Pounds Overweight.
Stressed Out.
Burned Out.
Maxed Out.

Back in the year 2000, I was killing myself. Literally.

Like I said, God made me a coach and I was good at it.

So good I built a success that was slowly chipping away at my spirit, passion and health. Can you identify with this?

I had a thriving baseball training business. I was good and my clients loved me.

My training schedule was booked solid. I was doing between 40 and 60 hours of training sessions or baseball lessons per week

I would close my eyes at night and see baseballs flying around.

I was 27 years old... burned out, stressed out, maxed out and my health was in decline.

I was eating like crap.

I was drinking four 20 oz Starbucks coffees per day just to grind through the day.

I ballooned up to a massive, jiggly 250lbs.

I could not go on at this pace. I was driving 200mph straight towards a brick wall and I was about to CRASH.

Luckily, I saw the brick wall coming and I jumped out. I made some tweaks to that business to free up some time and I dug into the online world.

I knew that I could not continue to live like this. In 10 years time, I would be mentally and physically crushed.

I committed to making this work. I had to.

I went through years of trial and error online with some decent success, but the breakthrough came over a cup of coffee. ☕

A friend had asked me to meet him at Starbucks to discuss his son’s training.

He had a very specific question and I spent an hour over a cup of coffee explaining to him everything he needed to know to help his son succeed.

He asked all the right questions and I was able to give all the right answers.


I was floored. I had just had the breakthrough of a lifetime.

Everything from that moment changed.

The 81 System was born.

I had all the answers. I just needed the right questions.

Funny thing is, the day before I had just completed a huge product and was set to release it that week. I called our web guy and told him to cancel it. I was going to re-do the entire product with the new 81 System.

If Getting Your Online Business Off The Ground Has Been A Challenge For You… It’s not your fault.

There's so much garbage shoveled your way, how could you possibly figure this out?


Years ago, I would get calls from coaches who wanted to start an online business. The calls used to start by them saying, “Paul, I’d like to take my expertise online, what do I do?” Now, I get calls that say, “Paul, I've built seven funnels. What do I do?”


When I was 12 years old, I convinced my mother to buy me a pair of new Air Jordans. I think they were like $80. Now, the Reddick’s from Union, NJ did not have 80 bucks to throw around on sneakers.

As soon as I got them home, I ran down to the basketball court at Biertemple Park. I laced up my new Jordans, went down to the end of the court and started dribbling towards the hoop as fast as I can. I left the ground, for what I thought would be my first slam dunk. 🏀

I ran, leaped, and…. CLUNK. I hit the front of the rim.

I must have done something wrong. So, I actually went back down to the end of the court and re-laced my sneakers thinking I must not had not put them on right. I sprinted and dribbled down the court and again… CLUNK.

A harsh reality set in...

Having Michael Jordan’s sneakers
doesn't make me Michael Jordan.

There’s products like ClickFunnels and LeadPages that can make it quick and easy to get a page up fast, but no different than having Michael Jordan sneakers, having some guru’s funnel layout and page design doesn’t give you their business.

The real secret to success online AND basketball is what goes in those “sneakers” and on those pages. It’s not the layout. No guru is gonna tell you that.

Here’s what I know about you:

If you're reading this, you have something that can go in the sneakers. You have a talent that can dominate if you pick the right one.

If I have a second gift, it’s reaching down inside of an expert and pulling out that talent and showing them where they can DOMINATE.


I’m sure by now, you’d love to sit down and have that cup of coffee, wouldn’t you? 

I’m sure you have doubts you probably don't think this can happen for you.

You probably have tried a bunch of tactics and maybe bought some products already and up until now nothing has worked for you.

I don't blame you for having doubts.

I hear you and I had the same concerns when I started:

You can’t have it worse than I did…

  • I had no idea how to put up a website.
  • I had no clue on how to make a product.
  • I sucked at writing.
  • Technology was hard and clunky back then.
  • Getting traffic feels like picking pepper out of nat shit.

PLUS… If you want to laugh.

I was a failure at baseball…

My baseball career was a joke. I was a good coach, but I didn’t have some killer resumé to fall back on and we were going into the market against some heavy hitters.

I could give you bio here, but instead I like to let my clients do the talking for me... 👇

After all, don’t you want the results they got?


"I never would have thought a one day mastermind with Paul would literally change the course of my business. From managing my facility to helping expand and develop our certification, Paul’s insight has been invaluable.”

-Joe DeFranco, DeFranco's Training Systems

“Paul is extremely generous with his
time and energy. He’s detail oriented and can cut through the fog in your business. He’s a reliable teammate and a solid operator.”

-Mark Divine, SEALFit

“If I had to name the number one factor that has contributed to me taking my startup online business from my first sale to almost 7 figures in under two years, I would undoubtedly answer… guidance from those that I respect and have proven track records before me. Paul Reddick tops this list for me.”

-Jeff Cavaliere, Athlean X

“Paul helped me take my business from barely afloat to a worldwide authority in its niche. He’s taken me from financially unstable to financially free and secure, and most importantly, Paul gave me my life back. Paul succeeds as a coach because he cares as a person.”

-Adam Linkenauger, I Heart Basketball

“Paul really opened my eyes to opportunities in my business I didn’t see–he’s borderline genius. He has an amazing way with words that has helped with my marketing pieces.

Thank you so much!”

-Dr. Tom Bilella, Nutrition Treatment Center

“The most important thing for me was the focus on creating a real, living automated business that brings in daily sales instead of relying on launches and random promotions. I finally feel like I’m headed toward a stable, long-term business which I didn’t have before.”

-Taylor Allen, Elite Guard Training

“Paul not only helped me get my business off the ground, he was one of the major factors in figuring out I even had a winning idea to turn into a business. He’s been there to bounce ideas of his own that always pan out. There’s no way I would have been able to create a business and have my first 6-figure month just 4 months later without his help.”

-Brian Moran, SAMCart

“Paul Reddick changed my life. And I’m not just talking about helping me with my business. Paul and GFCI showed me how to reconnect with my family and the other important people in my life. Having my business grow beyond anything I could ever have imagined also became simple. Paul told me to do something and I did it without hesitation.”

-James “Smitty” Smith, Diesel Strength

“I’ve known Paul for years now, and have great respect for his marketing savvy (and especially his ability to end up where the money is). I’ve even done a few biz-oriented favors for the dude, knowing that having him owing me one is a powerful tool when I need it – all prior advice he’s given me on specific projects has been golden.”

-John Carlton, Copywriting Guru

Let’s cut the crap…


If you give me your undivided attention I can reach down inside of you, pull out your talents, run it through my 81 System, and send you off a new man with your signature product outlined, scripted, ready for production and a marketing process locked down so you can see the cash start rolling in and finally break free. 💰

The 81 System Virtual Workshop

I got 19 years of hard core online experience. I've seen it all come and go. I’ve been there, done that, and went back for seconds.

FACT: The latest greatest marketing trends only mean something to people with no talent.

Over the course of 4 weeks, you’ll learn:

    • The value test for creating a high profit product so you don’t over do it and kill your future profits (This is a mistake even seasoned internet marketers make.)
    • The email and social media opening hack that almost forces your subscriber to open so you have more eye balls on every offer you make 👀
    • The death shift that most experts make that will destroy your businesses
    • The 4 step selling formula you must use in every video you ever make so you extract maximum profit from every one you make (even your social media videos) 🎥
    • The focus exercise you must do before you even think about mocking up your sales page. This alone will redirect your focus from product to sales.
    • The Sniper Method for naming your products so the titles sell themselves 🎯
    • Two crucial software programs you should use before you write a single word (This way, you’ll never put out a message that does not communicate to your subscribers.)
    • How to get unstuck when you can’t seem to get your point out so you never have to look at a blank screen or come up short on ideas
    • Why doing social media is the 100% WRONG way to build a business that you can scale
    • The Super 7 Elements that every sales page should have. You’ll never sell a single thing without everyone of these elements.
    • The right number of promotions to run per month so that your prospects are literarily emailing you to see what you’re going to put out next.
    • The absolute best day of the week to send an email for maximum profits. It never fails. 🗓
    • How to create a super catalog of your best ideas and structure it in a way that your prospects want to consume everything you out out 
    • The surefire way to know which products your market will go crazy over
    • The Expert Test that determines what your signature product should be and how to get it to market quickly.
    • The Pizza Parlor trick that quadruples your online sales. 🍕
    • Don’t make your product longer than ________. A word or a second longer and you’ll murder your sales.
    • The Apple iPhone Strategy for product timing and product flow 📱
    • The one kindergarten simple change to your emails that will double open rate so your offers stand out.
    • What the New York Yankees do every year that you should copy in your marketing ⚾️

    Each week, inside our members area, I will release a new module of the 81 System for you to download and review.


    Each week during the course, we’ll hop on a Live Q&A session where we can breakdown each module and then answer any and all questions you have as you build out the 81 system.

    I can’t make it simpler. A 1st grader could apply this system.


    The future successes online will be built on the backs of experts with rock solid talent.

    The future holds two things: Confusion and Uncertainty. 🤔

    In times of confusion and uncertainty, people go to seek clarity and certainty from experts who can cut through the noise and deliver results.



    Let’s face it. You already know the alternative.

    You can keep grinding it out.

    You can keep chasing every shiny object a guru waves in front of you.

    You can keep starting and stopping.

    You can create product after product and page after page and see what works.

    You can keep jumping from social media platform to platform hoping the next one will be the one.

    You can squander the next decade with your fingers crossed hoping it will magically happen.

    Or you can grab the bull by its horns, take control of your business, and claim your freedom. 🚀

    Let’s go!

    Isn’t it time you got this right?


    So far, you’ve seen the numbers that the 81 System has produced in my own business.

    You’ve seen how the 81 System has been applied to many other coaches and trainers across different niches.

    You know that you don’t have to go back to school to learn technology.

    You’ve seen that you don’t have to be a slave to social media.

    You don’t have to beg affiliates.

    You don’t have to grind out long sales copy.

    Imagine, having the freedom to do what you want, with who you want, when you want, as much as you want.

    Imagine never having to wish upon a star and hope that your business dreams come true…

    and imagine the respect you’ll get from family and friends when they’ve seen what you’ve built.

    All doing what you love!

    Very soon you’ll be able to…

    • Map out killer products in 30 minutes or less.
    • Create them in under two hours
    • Knock out the sales page in no time flat
    • Throw it out to the world and watch the cash roll in.
    • Then repeat as many times as you wish.

    The 81 System is only limited to how much money you want to make.


    1. Are you good at what you do?

    2. Do you want to build a lucrative online business doing what you love? 

    3. Do you want the freedom to do what you want?

    4. Can you sit in a chair for 2 days?

    5. Can you follow a set by step, cut and paste system if it were handed to you?

    I’m assuming you said YES to each, right?


    1) Keep doing what you’re doing, getting what you’re getting, staying stuck and hoping things will one day catch on and go your way.


    2) Put My 81 System to work for you and finally get this going and get it right. Start knocking out products and profits that allow you to do what you love and fund a lifestyle of your choice.


    There’s nothing like this available. There’s not a grizzled veteran like myself who’s willing to open up and show you how the online world really works.

    It’s Time To Move!

    I have zero time for people who don’t commit.

    If you’re ready to accept …

    The income you deserve.
    The respect you’ve earned.
    The freedom you crave.


    I’m so committed to seeing you build out your business that I’ll put the most valuable commodity we have on the line! Time! When you register now, I’ll set aside an hour to privately work on your business one on one with you.

    This is your chance to tap into nearly 20 years of hardcore, in the trenches marketing experience. You can ask me any question you’d like, have me review your web page, your products or your marketing. You can use this time any way you’d like.

    My normal hourly rate is $595, but when you register now, you’ll get this consult call as a 100% FREE bonus as a gift from me and a demonstration of my commitment to your business growth. 👊

    It’s time to commit.



    A year from now, you don’t want this to still be a dream do you? Aren’t you tired of watching the clowns that are out there making money online when you know you could eat their lunch. 🤡


    If you don’t step up now, I’ll still take your call, but I have to be honest, my heart sinks when I talk to someone and another year has been squandered wishing, hoping and winging it praying something will change.

    Let’s never have that call. Let’s get it right now.


    You know you want the income an online business gives you.

    You know you have the talent.

    You know the 81 System works.

    You know my results.

    You know my clients' results.

    You know what the next step is…

    P.P.P.S. You probably want to know what the 81 means.

    It’s simple.

    It was a concept taught to me by my mentor.

    He said if you want to get to 81, you can do it the hard way.

    You can add…

    9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 81

    ...or I could teach you the principle of multiplication and get you there in one move. 

    9 x 9 = 81

    Big online businesses are built on the principle of multiplication.

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