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In the FAST Module, You’ll Learn: 

  • The critical velocity position every pitcher must be in to maximize real gun velocity. 
  • Pitching mechanics are really a _______ system. This shift makes it easier to throw harder. 
  • The three parts of the kinetic chain that gets pitchers to produce the highest possible velocity. 
  • An easy shift in the timing of mechanics that has pitchers throwing free and easy, but with power.
  • The ________ Drill that instantly puts pitchers into the Power Angle. 
  • Run from these velocity “studies”! (Some major coaches rely on some awful info) 
  • A 20% loss of energy in the _____ means that your arm will have to do 34% more work! This will lead to lower velo and higher risk of injury. 
  • The 3 things every pitcher should draw in the dirt on every mound he pitches on.
  • How a pitcher can self-correct during a game to regain control.
  • Train the legs so they produce maximum power for a pitcher!

                In the FILTHY Module, You’ll Learn: 

                • The FILTHY Checkpoint - If a pitcher doesn’t get to this moment in his delivery, he’ll NEVER be filthy.
                • How FILTHY pitchers can instantly add 3mph and throw a heavy fastball!
                • Why becoming FILTHY increases command and creates a consistent release point that fools hitters.
                • FILTHY pitchers know how to throw every pitch in the book and deploy those pitches at will to dominate opponents.
                • The one release point trick that made Mariano Rivera the most feared closer of all time.
                • Copy these 4 Major League pitcher’s tactics for being FILTHY as you watch pitch by pitch breakdowns.
                • How even some of the best pitchers in baseball telegraph their pitches, and it’s why they get lit up sometimes
                • The drill that show you how to throw every pitch in the book, and you can do it in your backyard today. You’ll be shocked to watch your ball dance.

                In the FEARED Module, You’ll Learn:

                • The Unwritten Baseball Rule that separates superstar pitchers from bench warmers.
                • The tip learned from a top tennis coach that all FEARED pitchers use
                • How FEARED pitchers stop hitters from making solid contact.
                • The 4 ways FEARED pitchers expose hitter’s weak spots and get them out.
                • How to put the umpire on “your team” and help you get a few extra outs per game.
                • Why FEARED pitchers never allow the “story of the hitter” to stop them from
                • How to use big data to psych out hitters WITHOUT having access to big data.
                • The two types of contact you can force a hitter to make that gets them to pop up or ground out on demand.
                • How to get two strikes on every 3rd and 4th hitter you face in the lineup.
                • The shadow technique - Knowing this confuses and frustrates hitters …they’ll hate facing you.
                • The 5 types of breaking balls you should learn
                • Why ____ and ____ are more important than how to throw pitches. This alone can turn home run pitches into called 3rd strikes. 

                In the FOCUSED Module You’ll Learn:

                • The type of off-season training that automatically focuses even the laziest players.
                • The focus formula that pinpoints the critical cause of distraction and interference, keeping pitchers from their potential.
                • Why a pitcher should never compare his performance to statistics (even good stats)….compare it to ____
                • Why hard work, hustle, and grind are working against your pitcher performing at his best.
                • The One-Page Planner that college pitchers are using to create and chart steady progress and build new habits.
                • Why your best games ARE NOT a good measure of potential or talent.
                • The movie every pitcher should watch, but watch it _____ , and it will change your career.
                • Replace visualization, affirmations, visions boards, and other mental game tactics with ______.

                Let Me Make This A No-Brainer! 

                You’re Also Getting 
                A SUPER 100mph CLUB BONUS PACKAGE
                Valued At $450!!


                EMPTY THE TANK: A Mad Max Analysis

                You’ll join me for an 8 session deep dive into what makes Mad Max the most FEARED pitcher in the game. We’ll look at his training tactics, mindset strategies, pitch combinations, and how he uses mechanics to generate velo and throw nasty pitches that make hitters shake and shiver in the box. 

                $100 Value 



                You’ll get insider access to my private notebooks.
                I’ve been coaching, studying, and learning from the best in the game for 30 years. I’ve boiled it down to 12 tactics that will have an immediate impact on your pitching. There’s tactics for breaking ball movement, setting up your mound, pre-pitch routines, pitching in big games, getting out of a jam, and getting wicked fastball movement. 

                $100 Value


                3 VELO HACKS

                The 100mph is about laying a foundation for long-term success, but I also understand that you need to increase velocity now. You’ll get my 3 proven hacks for getting that extra bump when you need it, so you’ll always be able to turn it up a notch when you are facing a tough hitter, at a showcase, or a try-out. 

                $50 Value



                I’ll answer 17 of the most pressing pitching questions facing pitchers, parents, and coaches. Each will be a downloadable audio or video that you can access on any device. 

                $100 Value

                My Son Doesn’t Throw Hard Enough, What Can I Do? 

                What Kind Of Long Toss Program Should My Son Be On? 

                Are Weighted Balls Safe And Effective? 

                How Can My Son Get His  Control Back During A Game?

                How should My Son Grip A Curveball, Slider, Cutter, Sinker, Change?

                My Son Can’t Throw Strikes, what should I do?

                My Son Used To Throw Strikes, Now He Can’t, What’s Going Wrong? 

                My Son Needs To Add A Pitch, What Should He Throw?

                My Son’s Curveball Is Hanging, How Do We Fix It?

                What Can My Son Do To Strengthen His Arm?

                My Son Pitches Great In A Lesson But Not In A Game, Why?

                My Son’s Arm Hurts, Now What? 

                How Can My Son Strike More Hitters Out?

                How Can I get My Son To Use His Legs?

                How Can My Son Become More Inconsistent?

                How Can My Son Get His Pitches To Move More? 

                Is Son Throwing Too Many Pitches?


                “Minimum Effective Dose” Overlay Strength Program

                You should not train a single second longer than you need to. This saves you training time that you could use to work on other parts of your game, allows for more recovery time, and… just flat out works. This Velo-getting program can be a stand-alone program, but it’s designed to be an overlay to supplement and “bump” any program you’re currently using. 

                $100 Value


                $100 Gift Card To Use On Selected BEC Programs

                That's right. You’re also getting a $100 Baseball Education Center Gift Card.

                $100 Value

                Why Am I Doing All Of This?

                Too many parents and coaches contact me confused and frustrated by the coaching, instruction, and information that’s out there. Most of it is just wrong, a lot of it is just re-teaching the same stuff, and some are flat-out reckless and dangerous. 

                Too many players contact me after they’ve been to all the other guys and are now looking for something real. 

                I love baseball. I love pitching. I love the people who love baseball and pitching. 

                Let’s Do A Quick Recap!

                You’re getting the full 100mph Club training (valued at $300) and this massive bonus package (valued at $450)...

                That’s a package valued at $750 worth of career-changing training that you can put to work for you today and watch your pitching transform.

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