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Join The 100MPH Hitter's Club Now!Yes! I'm Ready For Mike Ryan To Be My Virtual Hitting Coach
This is more than just exit velo, launch angle, and hitting mechanics... 👇

You're going to learn how to actually translate these components from practice to the game...

The 100MPH Hitter's Club covers everything it takes to be a Battle Tested and Game Ready Hitter, including:

  • how to take effective BP and maximize your training time (plus, what not to do in batting practice)
  • Mike Ryan's most popular hitting drills and progressions based on the needs and challenges a particular hitter is facing ⚾️
  • how to 'Pitch Hunt' and give yourself the best chance to barrel baseballs more consistently in games (where it matters most)
  • the simple, effective strategy to become a 2-Strike Warrior ⚔️ (and minimize strikes outs... plus, what to do if your hitter is often falling behind to 2 strike counts)
  • effective (and proven) strength training principles for hitters 💪
  • how to develop optimal Launch Angle and eye-popping Exit Velo
  • how to develop consistent timing in the game no matter what type of arm you are facing ⏱ (and why pretty swings with bad timing are useless)
  • simple hacks to know when pitchers are tipping their pitches (and no, it doesn't involve banging on trash cans 😂)
  • overall swing mechanics and how they apply to you as a hitter (this is not cookie-cutting... what works for some doesn't work for all)
  • Mike Ryan's take on batting stances and how you can find what is most comfortable and works best for you
  • advanced (yet simple) training to help hitters breakthrough to the next level... including arm stacking, grip variations, bat angle, etc...
  • my favorite training tools for hitters 🛠
  • how to prepare yourself mentally to be a clutch hitter when your team needs you the most 🧠 (PLUS: the mental trap hitters fall into and how you can snap out of it immediately)
  • how to train aggressively so you can attack your zones, yet still have the discipline to hold up when it's not
  • the keys to recognizing and drive off-speed pitches with authority 👀 (It's easier to hit a curveball than a fastball!)
  • how to translate swing speed, exit velo, and launch angle to hit for more power (and rack up more game-changing home runs for your team) 🏟
  • pitch tracking techniques and exercises to dramatically improve your ability to recognize and pick up the ball earlier out of the pitcher's hand
  • and much more...
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    Coach Mike Ryan here...

    I've received a lot of feedback encouraging me to go in this direction and have been looking for a way to help more hitters..

    Inside, you'll be able to ask specific questions and get all the answers you need for you, your son, or your players...

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    Coach Mike Ryan

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    5 Timing Mistakes That Prevent You From Taking Your Practice Swing To The Game 😲

    A hitter with a great swing and bad timing equals a bad hitter.

    No umpire is ever going to tell you...

    “Wow, great swing, son. You can go to first base."

    Nope… you actually need to hit.

    A pretty swing with bad timing means absolutely nothing.

    In this exclusive report, you will discover the 5 most common mistakes and how to quickly fix them so you can turn your hitter into a Game Ready "Yes" Hitter who consistently hits the ball hard.

    Join The 100MPH Hitter's Club Now!Yes! I'm Ready For Mike Ryan To Be My Virtual Hitting Coach